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  • Member: Kai Stromler
  • Title: I Got Rejected From AMV Hell Because My Clip Talked About Niggers
  • Premiered: 2005-11-01
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  • Songs:
    • Agalloch Kneel To The Cross
    • Cales Unknown Reason
    • Day of the Sword White Supremacy
    • DJ Oblom & i_L My Heart Will Go On
    • Finntroll Trollhammaren
    • Intimidation One Frederick The Great
    • Johnny Rebel Some Niggers Never Die
    • No Remorse It Ain't Easy
    • Pluton Svea There is Hate
    • Public Enemy (UK) White National Socialist
    • Saga (Swe) Strikeforce
    • The Federals Dance With A Dolly
    • Zlad! Elektronik Supersonik
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  • Comments: INSO08 is somewhat misleadlingly titled. Of the 11 cuts that were submitted, both of those that actually used the n-word got into AMV Hell 0. Both other racist cuts, with a total of zero epithets between them, got bounced.

    However, the title -- inspired by Anal Cunt classics like "I Became A Counselor So I Could Tell Rape Victims They Asked For It", "Everyone From Allston Should Be Killed", and "I Pushed Your Wife In Front Of The Subway" -- was too good to pass up, and captured what this video was (a collection of the cuts that I did for AMV Hell, both those that got in and those that didn't), and what my unique contribution to the Hell series was.

    There is a lot of objectionable stuff in Hell 0, but when the last measure was taken, nobody specifically objected to the childfucking, the bestiality, or the scat porn. They raised their beef with one word, in two cuts (one especially), and I was responsible for both. I'm proud to say that I have, by at least one measure, the most offensive cuts in AMV Hell 0, because this was the effect I was aiming for.

    Like I wrote in the comments on SH071 two and a half years ago, racism is the last real taboo in modern society, and the two cuts in question prove that racialist music is still the last live stick of dynamite. AMV Hell 0 just gave me a license to throw it around wherever, and I'm glad that my grenade salvo worked out. I could do even worse if given the chance, but the result is sick enough for now.

    The version of the video linked also includes a special bonus in the form of a one-clip video I did a ways back and may have forgotten to release. This is mostly for the sake of Oto, who egged me on to do contribute my racial garbage but did not get anything with the old NSDAP classics. The audio on that cut is an old German march that was included in Intimidation One's cover of Landser's "Frederick The Great", but should be sufficient measure to take the piss out of all the other NS crap in this omnibus.

    No stats or grade; these were done for In Loco Satanas, not Shin Hatsubai, and so I wasn't really keeping track. A lot of the jokes run on lipsynch, but effects are fairly minimal -- I think the Marimite one is the most effected.

    This video is on; you will have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get it, but if this doesn't work or isn't possible, let me know. This usually means that nobody's downloaded the file in the last 30 days and the link has gone dead. For very obvious reasons, I can't make this one a local download.

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