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  • Member: Hieilover012
  • Title: The Happy Girls of Inuyasha
  • Premiered: 2005-10-11
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  • Song:
    • Martina Mcbride Happy Girl
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  • Comments: A music video dedicated to Sango and Kagome. I like how this one turned out. Course, Windows Movie Maker kept on freezing up on me when I was trying to put it togehter. Here are the lyrics to the song:

    I used to live a darkened room
    Had a face of stone
    And a heart of gloom

    Lost my hope, I was so far gone
    Cryin' all my tears
    With the curtains drawn

    I didn't know until myt soul broke free
    I've got these angels watching over me

    Oh watch me go
    I'm a happpy girl
    Everybody knows
    That the sweetest thing you'll ever see
    In this wide world
    Is a happy girl

    I used to hide in a party crowd
    Bottled up inside
    Feeling so left out

    Standing in the corner wearing concrete shoes
    With my frozen smile
    And my lighted fuse

    Now everytime I start to feel like that
    I roll my heart out like a welcome mat

    Repeat Chorus

    Laugh when I feel like it
    Cry when I feel like it
    That's just how my life is
    That's how it goes

    Oh watch me go
    I'm a happy girl
    And I've come to know
    That the world won't change
    Just cause I complain
    Let the axis twirl
    I'm a happy girl

    Repear Chorus

    Oh yeah
    Oh yeah
    I'm a happy girl

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