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  • Member: Can O Quince
  • Title: Opera de Utena
  • Premiered: 2005-10-30
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  • Song:
    • Kajiura Yuki / Kaida Yuriko Mezame
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  • Comments: Some say Shakespeare is one of the best writers in the world; his symbolism, metaphors, and tradgedies all so amazing and mystical. But compared to Utena's symbolisms, Shakespeare has no chance. Poor, poor man.

    Utena is one of the most insane animes i've ever seen. if i had a penny for every time i was confused i'd be a millionare. wOoT.

    anyway, i wanted to find a really cool song to go along with the anime and i found the perfect music; Mezame by Yuki Kajiura. i love opera; the music is always so powerful and beautiful and singers have such great depth and tone.

    the video is kinda done; my computer had a major problem and now i cant go back and fix it, so i'm just gunna put it down already. hopefully in the future i'll find more special effects for my program, but now i just hafta stick with what i got.


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