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  • Title: Teardrop
  • Premiered: 2005-10-28
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    • Massive Attack Teardrop
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    Music: Teardrops - Massive Attack
    Disclaimer: Ah how I wish they belonged to me but sadly they do not...
    Pairing: Iason/Riki from Ai No Kusabi
    Summary: If a music video could be a PWP... Hot boy on boy action to music.
    NC-17 for pretty much everything except actual shots of equipment. NotWorkSafe! (hence indirect link only)

    Winner: Best Romance, Yaoi-Con 2005 AMV contest

    I found Ai No Kusabi on a recommendation from a friend, and I really wanted to do a music video to show some of the really gorgeous art. Whilst Ai No Kusabi *does* have plot beyond simply an excuse to get two people in bed, I wanted to focus on the pretty that is Iason/Riki action.

    The basic plot of the Ai No Kusabi OVA: it takes place in a world where a person's status is determined by their hair color, with the "Blondies" being the ruling elite, and they keep human 'Pets' for pleasure - Iason being one of these Blondies. Riki comes from the Slums, where the people aren't even registered as citizens.

    Basically, Iason sees Riki in a fight in an alleyway, and stops him being killed. Riki, who refuses to owe anyone, offers his body as payment for his life, and leads Iason to his apartment. Iason then takes Riki as his 'pet', and causes scandal by keeping him even though he's a mongrel, and too old for a pet. He also keeps him for a number of years and even has sex with him although this is taboo, and claims to have fallen in love with him. Riki on the other hand, both resents Iason for having made him a pet, but also seems attached to him as well, though he refuses to admit these feelings.

    Most of the action of the OVA takes place after Iason lets Riki free to go back to the slums, but eventually tracks him down and takes him back. Although the footage is from throughout the two OVAs, I've cut it to be pretty much one long scene starting from their first meet as I don't think I could do the set up for the subsequent scenes justice with the limited time. So it basically a case of: they go home, action is had, Riki showers, more action is had, they move to the bed, action the third.

    In choosing the music, this song - Teardrops by Massive Attack, really stood out, and I thought it would fit the mood of the video - it's a really beautiful track, but slightly bittersweet and a bit out of it. Because you know, whilst Iason/Riki may be oh so pretty, it's pretty messed up. I did want to reflect the beauty of them together, without it being a sapfest, which would be taking away from the mood of the piece.

    Editing fairly minimal, mostly to fit the timing of the shots to fit in with the beat of the music, and the fades to black I've used to try and reflect the flow of the music.

    So basically, this isn't really a story, or a deep analysis of their relationship, if a music video could be a PWP this would be it! There's a small intro setting up their meeting, and from then on nothing deep or meaningful, simply the pretty of hot boy on boy action.

    Download at megaupload:

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