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  • Member: Moonie
  • Studio: Soul Anime Studios
  • Title: Anime Overload Episode 1 : Martial Mayhem Chapter 1 of 2
  • Premiered: 2005-10-29
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    • Jet Set Radio (Hideki Naganuma) Moody's Shuffle
    • Trick Daddy Let's Go
    • X-ecutioners Dramacyde
    • X-ecutioners Jorney Into Sound
    • X-ecutioners Scratch
    • X-ecutioners Theme
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  • Comments: Note: This series is now obsolete. There is currently a much improved remake of this that is planned
    to be release in 2011.
    Note: Just incase you have not noticed the date, this video is OLD and does not
    reflect my current editing quality or style. You can still say something about this if you wish
    but its highly recommended you do that on a newer release since I have already progressed pass this.
    I love every video I make no matter how simple or advanced it is, however, I recommend checking out my videos from 2007 and up (Note: The ‘Archive’ videos are older than the date says).

    Anime Overload Episode 1 : Martial Mayhem Chapter 1 of 2

    About Anime Overload :
    Anime Overload Is a fun series of amvs with different themes and lots of animes
    I worked on it for almost a year and I'm just finishing the last episode!
    WARNING! These amvs are not for people that only like short music videos
    Some of these videos are very large!

    The series Has 10 Episodes and 2 Encore Episodes.
    The episodes are:

    Episode 1: Martial Mayhem
    Episode 2: Beachside Battle
    Episode 3: Frightful Frantic
    Episode 4: Scenic Serenade
    Episode 5: Kawaii Khaos + Encore
    Episode 6: Trouble Transformation
    Episode 7: Second Serenade
    Episode 8: Luminous Love
    Episode 9: Crazy Cute
    Episode 10: Hectic Henshin + Encore

    I will try to upload 1 or 2 episodes each day
    Each episode has its on theme and uses a lot of animes that goes along with it.

    About The Chapters :
    A lot of the episodes are much longer than normal amvs
    since some of the episodes are over 11 minutes long
    I broke them into 2 chapters
    The chapters can be watched as single amvs or combined into the full length amv with video editing software like virtual dub

    At the end of the last chapter of each episode it shows of a preview of the next episode in the series

    All episodes are compressed using Divx 5.2.0 for video and MP3 for audio.
    Frightful Frantic and Kawaii Khaos Encore are in ogm format
    so you will need a video player that can read ogm files and ogg directshow filters to play them

    I had lots of fun working on the anime overload project and put a great deal of work into each episode
    when you watch an episode leave an opinion if you have the time
    Enjoy The Anime Overload Series!

    This Episode :

    Name: Martial Mayhem
    Chapter: 1 of 2
    Theme: Karate, Fighting

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