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  • Member: kain2983
  • Studio: Kingdom of Tolono
  • Title: This is how a man should be!!
  • Premiered: 2005-10-27
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    • Paul Engemann Scarface (Push It to The Limit)
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  • Comments: Well I am finally done with this video that I have worked on for so long. The reason that it has taken me so long is because of school and this was my first video that I have totally used Adobe Premiere. So that held me back because I had to learn a lot of things to be able to do everything that I wanted to. Another reason why it has taken me so long to make this video is that I kept changing the scenes that I had origianlly thought would work well. This was mainly because I thought that they change the story that I was trying to tell.

    I believe that I have grown a lot while I made this video. I believe that I have learned a lot about how I like to make video and also I think I have found my favorite way of editing. Really my favorite way of editing came from my last video To Be Strong. So if you have seen this video you will probably know what to expect in the way of the editing in this video. But if you have not seen my other video I will tell you that I use a alot of jump cuts in my editing.

    Alright now onto the description of the video. This video is about Rock Lee and his fight with Gaara (oh my god isn't this the most original idea ever). This is my third video done to this fight so I do not expect tp get great scores in originality but this is the last time that I will do a tribute to this fight. I am not saying that I will not use scenes from this fight but I will not make a whole video dedicated to this fight. Back to the description the video starts off from with scenes of Rock Lee after the fight when he is standing on the bridge and looking in the water and then it jumps to scenes of him training as a child then back and forth. Then it goes into the fight with Neji and then to the fight with Sasuke. After this it goes to the fight with Gaara and the whole rest of the video is dedicated to this.

    Here I am going to explain why I did some of the things that I did in this video. I put in black and white clips so that some of the scenes that were not as interesting in the video would become more interesting. Also because it work well with the black flashes that I put on these parts of the video. Then when Rock Lee is powering up I decided to go for a widescreen look to give it more of an action movie kinda look. I think it worked out well. Another thing that I tried was lipsyncing. But I know I am not great at this I think some of them worked but not all of them. I was going to stop doing them towards the end of the video but it would have ruined the repetition of the scenes so I had to continue to do it.

    I hope you enjoy the video.

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