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  • Member: RoqueJa
  • Title: Breath of Glass
  • Premiered: 2005-10-26
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    • Anna Nalick Breathe
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  • Comments: Angel Heart, sadly, is without a sub, so perhaps to garner interest and get either A-Kraze or Shinsen to sub at least one episode, I present this AMV. I also just made it because I wanted to do a video with just one anime source...
    A tried some new digital effects, however the story-telling suffered a bit for it. Also, as usual, WMM edited, in one or two instances, a little excess clip into the MV that I didn't notice until the end, so they're there for good.
    I'm really liking this show, though, and as I learn more Japanese I can capture and appreciate a few more moments in the S^M RAWs.
    This is also my first 16:9 video, as 4:3 hurt the original quality.
    This is my fifth video(video four got itself deleted).
    Comment if you like, enjoy if you can.

    Note(10/30): The anime's first episode has now been subbed, so you can, of course, ignore the note in the credits.

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