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  • Member: $haft 2.0
  • Studio: $haft 2.0 Productions
  • Title: Dragon Ball Z : The Cla$h 0f Titans
  • Premiered: 2005-10-25
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    • DMX What's My Name
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    Before downloading it video, it is necessary that know something of very significant if not certain could not understand the goal of my video.

    The name of the video which is The clash of Titans oppose in made the team of super the warriors i.e. goku, vegeta, gohan & gotrunks against the team of the bou i.e. the large boubou, majin bou, super bou & that when it absorbed gotrunks made it thus gives a combat balances since on the whole they are 8.

    In this video I did not want respected the episodes of the saga bus in my video it is as if the bou were characters who did not depend on absorption. I wanted given another environment that that of the episodes of the saga this is why the engagements are under a dark sky.

    Thus for summary a little, at the beginning the presentation of the characters has there. Initially super warriors then bou.

    There are several phases of combat like:
    -the first combat opposes gotrunks to majin bou
    -then gohan is interfered what does one against 2 1
    -the large boubou comes then which decides to fight gotrunks against since it is not balanced
    -then a little later the combat between goku& vegeta against super bou begins which causes them in duel all the 2

    -then later it ya also a combat enters the large boubou against sangoku ssj3 and majin vegeta

    Finally in short I let to you discover what I wanted to do, I hope that you will rather quickly understand the idea of my video.

    And leave to me an opinion to the passage I would like to know your opinions thank you in advance...

    Ps: Sorry For My english

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