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  • Member: rogueintellectproductions
  • Title: Deeper
  • Premiered: 2005-10-22
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    • Jamiroquai Deeper Underground
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  • Comments: Alright, I'm going to break down my thoughts on Deeper into three segments - inspiration, technical points, and plot. I'm putting plot at the end for those of you who would prefer to watch the video first and form your own opinions (highly recommended!)


    I've wanted to make a video using this song for a while - it's a song with changing tempos, simple lyrics, and a catchy beat. I was stuck on the theme, though. For the longest time, I was interpreting the lyrics as an individual withdrawing himself farther from society (might be a little projection on my point). Finally, I snapped to a new comparison - Deeper Underground could be taken to mean further above the law, and who acts further above the law than Spike Spiegel? I went with footage from the movie because I felt it was more visually appealling, and because I hadn't seen a CB:KOHD video in some time (I wasn't able to go to AWA, so I missed Things Have Changed, by Dark Krystal and KwaiChang, which is an excellent video and worth a download, by the by).

    Technical points

    From the start, I had wanted to use a window-in-window visual for the video, but my original idea was a bit different. Originally, I wanted to have the action focused in the middle of the screen, with small square windows popping up on either side expanding on what was happening in the middle. I tried it in a few scenes, but decided to drop it because it was too distracting and, IMHO, cheesy. Then I tried the smaller rectangular window overlaid on the main action, and I loved it. I tweaked the panning, so that the action in the middle was slightly smaller than that in the "frame", made the frame black-and-white, and ran with it. At one point, I decided it would be boring if the action in the frame was the same as the action in the window, so I started to change the footage, which opened up a world of possible associations. The following show up in various parts of the video:

    Association of two different plot points
    Linking two actions visually
    Describing an action from two points-of-view
    Showing actions occuring simultaneously, but in different places
    Showing cause and effect of an action simultaneously
    Expanding on the meaning of a particular lyric
    And generally looking cool (again, just my own opinion)

    I really enjoyed playing around with different ways to use the effect, although I do regret not staying focused on using the effect in only one or two manners. Frankly, I flew all the way up through the first refrain, and then SOMETHING came up and distracted me (stupid real life sneaking in again, oh well).

    I also tried to create a fluidity to the video by anti-beat-synching - I tried to synch motion to the space between beats, as opposed to the beats themselves. I enjoy exploring the possibilities of the audio equivalent of negative space. N space is an artistic concept based on provoking the eye to fill in the spaces in a picture - in essence, defining an image as much by what isn't there as by what is. N space is central to ukiyo-e - thus ends the impromptu art lesson, and my obnoxiousness. Ha, I lied!


    You'll notice that very few other main characters show up in this video. Jet and Faye only show up in the "dream" sequence, Ed doesn't show up, nor does Electra. I focused instead on the conflict between Spike's uber-coolness and Vincent's violent, fragmented phyical and mental brilliance. The opening shows how cool and self-controlled Spike is, as he brings down the crew robbing the store. The video segues into chaos, as Vincent's actions start to affect Spike's world, and Spike, in turn, is drawn in to investigating and taking down Vincent. The climax of the video is, of course, the final confrontation between Spike and Vincent. Now, why do I end with the ISSP chasing Spike? I wanted to show that there are consequences to one's actions; in a way, it represents the total breakdown of Spike's cool. Or maybe it's because I didn't have a way to end the video. I forget. The other themes: the butterflies=chaos/madness; the marble=the catalyst for change; the jack-o-lanterns=fear; nothing really groundbreaking there - I didn't stray too far from the imagery in the movie. Most of the deviations from the movie's story involve attributing the actions of others to Spike, and changing the sequence of actions from the movie to the video.

    Anyway, thanks for allowing me to be overly self-indulgent and analytical. I hope you enjoy. Thanks!

    Finalist, Drama, Bakuretsucon 2005
    Winner, Best Technical Video, Nekocon 8
    Finalist, Drama, AnimeUSA 2005
    Finalist, Drama, Ohayocon 2006

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