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  • Member: JudgeHolden
  • Studio: Factotum Productions
  • Title: Sakaki & The Cat: An Azumanga Opera!
  • Premiered: 2005-10-23
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  • Song:
    • Carl Orff O Fortuna
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    Played at the Japanese Cultural Expo (2006) in Hawaii.

    Well here you go … my first video with a “happy” ending … and it’s a “comedy” to boot! Ok, it’s more of a dark comedy, but what did you expect? It is a factotum production after all. Anyway, this is the story of a young princess (Sakaki), an evil knight (the Gray Cat), and her knight in shinning armor (the Cat from Okinawa). I hope you enjoy! So, without further adieu… Sakaki and the Cat: An Azumanga Opera!

    P.S. The visual quality isn’t as good as I would like. Also, no special effects in this baby, so if you can’t watch a video without effects, then you might as well not watch … though you will be missing some fun. ;) Oh, and all the scene changes are not on beats ... because this was an odd song to edit. The middle part was the hardest, very soft and low key. So I just went with story and synced when it seemed "right". So, in the end, the music became more of a soundtrack for a very short movie, as opposed to a normal AMV.


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