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  • Member: Medieval
  • Title: AD2030
  • Premiered: 2005-11-12
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    • Himekami Exceeding Love
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  • Comments: Video I created for the Youmacon AMV contest.

    Project began on September 6th, stalled out on the 7th, picked back up again on the 19th only to stall out again on the 21st. Picked back up again on October 11th. Was completed on October 20th, a day before the cutoff date.

    The audio was ripped from the opening animation of the PS2 game Suikoden III using a combination of dvddecrypter and mfaudio.

    Premier 5.1 was used to do the actual blocking and timing.

    Over all I'm pleased with the results, not as happy as I was with my first project but content with it, i was trying to go for a movie trailer type feel, But I'm not sure how well that came of though.

    Any opinions left would be appreciated.

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