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  • Member: risk one
  • Title: Where Am I?
  • Premiered: 2005-10-21
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    • Carl Orff Musica Poetica
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  • Comments: This is part three in sort of a trilogy (or tryptich, more accurately) of AMV's set to 'classical' instrumental music. Part two is Who Am I (set to Prokofiev) and part one is yet to be made. (the order doesn't really matter)

    Things you should know before watching:
    * The video quality can suck at times. Wings of Honneamise is an infamously bad DVD (especially the PAL version). I managed to remove a lot of problems but many remain (mainly the ghosting).
    * Do not take the spoiler warning too seriously. The video gives away some elements of the story, including the ending, but no more than can be predicted from the first half hour. The story of Honneamise isn't the kind of story that's easily spoiled.

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