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  • Member: Kai Stromler
  • Studio: Shin Hatsubai/Kuroi Kenshi
  • Title: and so it ends
  • Premiered: 2002-08-09
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  • Song:
    • Blind Guardian And The Story Ends
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  • Comments: The Kenshin OAVs are among the most overfished anime titles ever for AMVs (though total use still doesn't compare to Dragonball Z or Evangelion), and here I go with a six minute song to try to be original to for Shin Hatsubai video #28. Thus a grindstone-chewing clip collation effort taking 16 hours (on less than 2 hours of subbed source, remember), more than had ever been devoted per episode/chunk on a SH production before. While there are some MAJOR, MAJOR spoilers (nothing you couldn't really figure out from the box for the second tape, tho -- you know what I mean if you've seen it), I didn't use The Scene (for those who don't watch way too many Kenshin OAV AMVs, this is the time-slice from when he's facing the Oniwa Banshu guy in OAV 1). All in all, almost as good as OV's take using "unSaid", and in mostly better video quality.

    I did this video because I was bored. I had just finished all the final editing on the four videos that went into the spring demo, and I had nothing to do for the last week of winter break. There were other videos ahead of it on the to-do list, but I only had the tapes for the Kenshin OAVs on hand, so I set up the video. I had to borrow my brother's copy of Imaginations... to get the song, though. I like it a hell of a lot, even with all the spoilers. Of course, the "key" for this video was the last shot.

    It pisses me off to no fucking end that this video must be so blood-drenched to work properly, and that Blind Guardian's music here is six minutes long. In terms of sheer outright quality, this is the best video I have ever made, and it's impossible to get it shown anywhere. Dammit!

    Well, maybe not. Barring postal problems or, again, judging people who just don't care for extreme violence, this video will premiere for real at MTAC, another contest that isn't on the board here. Given their alleged dire need for submissions, though, and their stated policy of latenighting extreme but worthy entries, just getting the damn video there through the mails is going to be the major problem. This video was also submitted for consideration in the 2002 AWA Professional competition.

    Shin Hats Self-Grade: A. There are some minor fillips with timing that keep this from being perfect, but there is a lot of tremendously good stuff here, and I managed to get the last clip to work brilliantly. The time figures look really slack, but the hits are all there, and the real average is probably even closer to 5 seconds; there are a ton of deep fades mashing very long clips together.
    Stats: #clips: 76. avg length: 4.72 sec. total time: 26 hours.

    There are some additional notes about the production process that went into the video here.

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