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  • Member: Artisticseggi
  • Studio: **Seggi Productions**
  • Title: A Sonic Tribute - Dancemix 2006
  • Premiered: 2005-10-18
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  • Songs:
    • JDHarding Puppt Trance (Sonic 3D Blast - Remix)
    • Sega SuperSonic Dance Music - Track 1
    • Sega SuperSonic Dance Music - Track 3
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  • Comments: 2 years ago I decided to make a tribute AMV to Sonic the Hedgehog and my goal was to try and make it with clips from as many of his games and cartoons as I could possibly find. It took some effort but I did manage to gather as much as I could.

    I wanted to make this tribute because Sonic has always been my childhood hero and someone I looked up to as a kid (even if he was a video game character). He's the reason I got into video games, he's been my artistic influence for many years, and why I now aspire to make video games in the industry. His attitude has taught me to never give up and that is why I am here now.

    He may be a video game character, but I will always have a place in my heart for this lil blue hedgehog.


    Originally, this video was created 2 to 1 and 1/2 years ago with two songs but was never *offically* released on any site. Recently, I put some more work into it with more Sonic movie footage especially with his new games coming out like Sonic Riders, Shadow the Hedgehog, and the next generation console game, Sonic the Hedgehog. It now has three songs.

    The first and second songs were SuperSonic dancemix music that was released on CD sometime ago. The first song has a lot more of traditional Sonic clips like Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, as well as many commercials aired for them and clips from SatAM and AoStH cartoons. It has some spoken things here and there so I tried some lip syncing with them. The second music used contains A LOT more Sonic Adventure 2 movie clips than any other. The reason is because when I first started on the first song my SA2 clips were VERY limited and when I stumbled upon a vast amount of SA2 clips, I just had to go wild. The third music used was added very recently and I used a lot of the new generation Sonic games to this one.

    What is unfortunate is that because this was old, when I tried to go back in Windows Movie Maker to re-do it, I found my file was corrupt, so I had no way of a smooth re-editing unless I did the WHOLE thing over again, which I didn't want to do. This is why when the three music starts you see some credits before it begins.

    There's one small part in this that was a mini homage to Shadow and Maria. As he's part of the Sonic crowd, I felt he deserved a small part somewhere for atleast staying alive through the games.

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