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  • Members: jasper-isis, krzT
  • Studio: Allegretto Productions
  • Title: EPYC
  • Premiered: 2005-10-15
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • DJ Mangoo Inside You, pt. 2
    • Kenny G ft. David Sanborn Pick Up The Pieces
    • Linkin Park Papercut
    • Sarah McLachlan When She Loved Me
    • Switchfoot Ammunition
    • Taku Iwasaki R.O.D. Theme (Public Pressure Remix)
    • Tenmon Solitude
    • Toshiro Masuda Showdown
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
  • Comments: Some of you may know EPYC (Eat Poop You Cat) by the name of Pictionary Telephone. Played with a group of people, it is a game made up of sentence writing, passing, and drawing. Since EPYC is a little confusing to explain in words, we provide you here with a fun example.

    It was from this game that jasper-isis formulated an interesting idea: why not do an AMV Telephone? In the summer of 2003, she posted the suggestion in the .Org's AMV Suggestions forum. However, this was before jasper herself began editing videos, and the idea never really caught on with anybody else.

    Hopes for an AMV Telephone died until the formation of Allegretto Productions. With two editors, the possibility for such a project came within reach. But we decided to slate it for a later time, a time when we have each amassed a good bit of editing skills.

    In May of this year, we deemed ourselves ready and began working on the video. We came up with a project structure that required only two editors while still retaining the "mystery" element of EPYC. The structure goes as follows:

    . A friend comes up with any random, amvable theme
    . jasper makes a short video to that theme
    . jasper passes the video to a second friend
    . This friend comes up with a new theme based on ONLY jasper's video and tells it to krzT
    . krzT makes a short video with knowledge of ONLY that theme
    . krzT passes her video on to another friend, who creates another theme

    The process continued for a few cycles until we reached a total of six video tracks. We then revealed our tracks and helped each other tweak the segments technically and stylistically (but not conceptually). In the end, after five months' effort, we are both very pleased with our final result.

    In no way do we claim exclusive ownership to this idea. In fact, we highly encourage all editors to try out EPYC! Who knows... maybe someday somebody will care to organize a large-scale MEP this way. ;)

    HUGE thanks to Bakadeshi, s5280ft, Otohiko, wild0, dwchang, and justkeepswimming for being the ones to write our themes. :)


    Below is a listing of our themes and tracks. We highly suggest that you watch the video BEFORE reading it so that you do not spoil the surprise. Thank you and enjoy! :)


    "Whispers of the Heart"
    Editor: jasper-isis
    Anime: Beyond the Clouds, the Place Promised in Our Early Days
    Music: Tenmon - "Solitude"

    "Bittersweet Reminiscence"
    Editor: krzT
    Anime: Love Hina
    Music: Sarah McLachlan - "When She Loved Me"
    Note: This track is a short parallel to Jessie's song in Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 2.

    "Forgetting What was Remembered"
    Editor: jasper-isis
    Anime: Macross Plus
    Music: Linkin Park - "Papercut"

    "No Room for Denial; Now onto Anger"
    Editor: krzT
    Anime: X TV
    Music: Taku Iwasaki - "R.O.D. Theme (Public Pressure Remix)"

    "Deus ex Machina"
    Editor: jasper-isis
    Anime: Full Metal Panic! and Heat Guy J
    Music: Toshiro Masuda - "Showdown"

    "Trigger Happy High"
    Editor: krzT
    Anime: Gunslinger Girl
    Music: Switchfoot - "Ammunition"

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