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  • Member: Haunter103
  • Title: Arrogant Anthology Advance
  • Premiered: 2005-10-15
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  • Songs:
    • Arrogant Worms Carrot Juice is Murder
    • Arrogant Worms Fuzzy Dice
    • Arrogant Worms I Am Cow
    • Arrogant Worms Jesus' Brother Bob
    • Arrogant Worms My Voice is Changing
    • Arrogant Worms Proud to be a Banker
    • Arrogant Worms Rippy the Gator
    • Arrogant Worms Sam, the Guy From Quincy
    • Arrogant Worms Santa's Gonna Kick Your Ass
    • Arrogant Worms Stalker Girl
    • Arrogant Worms Tokyo Love Song
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  • Comments: Yay! So, here is the new, revised version of my Arrogant Anthology AMV. This version features 5 new sections, as well as improvements to older segments from the original. Also, now the transitions don't suck royal ass :D
    Sorry it took so long, but I hope you like this new "advanced" version ;P

    Several short AMVs combined to make a whole, in the style of AMV Hell. The hook here is that they're all using songs done by the Canadian group, the Arrogant Worms. Most of them stand alone and will be enjoyable to anyone, despite having seen the anime, however some are more anime-dependant (the Bleach part for sure, and possibly those who have seen My HiME will get greater enjoyment out of that part, but it's not necessary).

    Some backstory:
    Sometime between finishing my Yami to Boushi video and Anime North 2005, I came up with the idea of doing something to the song "Carrot Juice is Murder" by The Arrogant Worms. I figured it would be using various anime, and I knew I could only do part of the song, because it would be too hard to get appropriate scenes for the entire thing and much too repetitive to stand watching.
    When AN came around, there was an after party on the first night for AMV creators entered in the contest that year. Tim Park's (of Doki Doki) "The Significance Of Scenery" video had just premiered, and we were discussing how there should be more songs by The Arrogant Worms to be used for AMVs. So this brought me back to my Carrot juice concept. I knew the half-video wouldn't fly on its own, so I thought maybe I could compile several short AMVs I would make, and create my own Anime Hell-like AMV.
    I made the Carrot Juice part first, to ensure its completion, however the only other concepts I could come up with following that all used Arrogant Worms songs. When more and more ideas of this nature kept coming up, I just said "Screw it, I'll make it an all Arrogant Worms vid!" So that's what it became.

    I have decided to give individual descriptions and information for each section of the video (in order of appearance):

    "Nanami Is Cow"
    Song: I Am Cow
    Anime: Revolutionary Girl Utena
    Heard the song, immediately thought of that one Utena episode where Nanami turns into a cow. Wasn't sure which part of the song to use at first, and I settled on the beginning. But I didn't have anything for ¡Èlook good on the BBQ¡É... until I took a better look at the episode and found the exact perfect scene. :P

    "Ranma the Veggie Murderer"
    Song: Carrot Juice Is Murder
    Anime: Ranma ½
    I thought this would end up being a various anime video on its own, because how else will I find so much footage of vegetables right? Then I remembered the 3rd Ranma ½ OVA centered around them, and it turned out I was able to get a lot of mileage out of it (the entire video to be precise). This was the first idea I had for the video, and the first one I made. It's not the first one I used because I felt the "I Am Cow" segment fit better as an opener.
    I made a single alteration to this from the original, and that is the can of V8 near the end. I always felt there should be more emphasis on the "juice" part of the song there, and originally didn't know how I should do that. In the full version of the song itself, V8 is mentioned later, but I don't have to deal with that, and thus the loathsome V8 makes a cameo :P.
    I know the name is kind of lame, but I didn't have a lot to work with, and it's only for the sake of these comments anyways. (Be grateful I didn't call it ¡ÈInsensitive Martial Artist¡É :P)

    "Puberty 100%"
    Song: My Voice Is Changing
    Anime: Ichigo 100%
    Trying to make a decent AMV out of a very poor anime is fun. I couldn't think of anything more appropriate for this song than using Manaka Junpei from Ichigo 100% as the focus, but I'm surprised at just how many really good scenes I was able to find. I crack myself up every time I see the scene with Manaka twiddling with his fingers beside Nishino in the second half of the chorus :P

    "Usada's Fuzzy Dice"
    Song: Fuzzy Dice
    Anime: Di Gi Charat
    Just a short little clip made with the hope of getting a cheap laugh. Usada wears dice. That's about the extent of the inspiration here. Interesting side note: the song's actually about a used car. This made it hard to use, aside from the main line of the chorus. I had splice in the "drive into the night" part from the end of the chorus to have it a decent length and still have it the way I wanted.

    "Proud to be a Water-7 Banker"
    Song: Proud To Be A Banker
    Anime: One Piece
    I remembered this scene in the anime, but I didn't think I could work it properly to the actual bankers in the show. Then I thought – "Why do I have to?". Luffy could be the banker; who says he can't? So I forcedly retired Luffy from the life of a pirate and stuck him behind the teller. :P
    All the flashing shapes and bar-sliding transitions were added for this ¡Èadvanced¡É version.

    "Itachi's brother Sasuke"
    Song: Jesus' Brother Bob
    Anime: Naruto
    The point of this segment is NOT to compare or contrast Itachi with Jesus in any way. I chose him to use Itachi for one reason only: he walks on water. That's it O_o. In fact, my original plan for this song was using One Piece because there's one character that can (at least appear to) walk on water. But I wouldn't have been able to set up the song very well since I wouldn't have used the chorus in that case. By using Naruto, I was able to keep the brother angle intact, thus I could include the chorus.
    A bit of audio splicing was done using both live and non-live versions to remove the audience as best I could from the live version, which I liked better.

    "Pochi the Gator"
    Song: Rippy the Gator
    Anime: He Is My Master
    Only problem here was getting enough really good chomp scenes. ;P

    "Toudai Love Affair"
    Song: Tokyo Love Song
    Anime: Love Hina/Love Hina Again
    Juxtaposition is the key here. most if not all the scenes reflect the opposite of what the words are saying. Wanted to do this one for the original, but I didn't have the DVDs, and I wanted to re-watch the series anyways, since it's been a while and I REALLY needed to find appropiate scenes for key parts of the song. I did the best I could for the end of the segment, and I think I pulled it off effectively, but you can be the judge. I couldn't get away without using a couple clips from Love Hina Again, which is a shame, because until i made this one, each segment I had done had used only one anime source, and I often was able to get by on only one episode (yes, Love Hina and LH Again are all the same series, but it's still an extra listing in my video entry).
    Also, you'll have to forgive me for using a TV in place of a radio in my scene selection. It was too pertinent to the concept to pass up using that particular clip.

    "Uryuu, the Guy From Quincy"
    Song: Sam, the Guy From Quincy
    Anime: Bleach
    The name didn't really strike me with the obvious connection at first, although bleach did enter my head. It wasn't until the line "find out if you bleached your hair" that I had to stop and listen to the song again more thoroughly. I realized that this would be perfect. Bleach fans really need to have a look at this one, as it is really the only part of this AMV where the comedy is dependant on having watched the series. The only other one might be Stalker Girl, but even that can fly on its own.
    It's still the only part of this AMV that I could turn into a completely independent AMV using the full song. I currently have plans to do so.

    "Chiyo's Dad's Gonna Kick Your Ass"
    Song: Santa's Gonna Kick Your Ass
    Anime: Azumanga Daioh
    Last minute idea (more just seemed to keep coming). Tried my best on this one, I really like the last part with Osaka. Not sure about the scene where he's holding the bat (would have been better if he swung it), but there weren't that many unique scenes where Chiyo's Dad looked threatening.

    "My Stalker HiME"
    Song: Stalker Girl
    Anime: My HiME
    With 120% of the recommended daily intake of psychotic lesbians
    I thought maybe I could find a song to portray the Natsuki/Shizuru relationship in a more ... accurate light than some sweet romance AMVs I have seen (well, I've actually only seen one). Then of course I remembered Stalker Girl, which I had originally dismissed for this project as unusable. I thought Shizuru fit the role of stalker girl well, but of course I forgot all of the lyrics except for the line about the hair. So I wasn't sure if I had anything to go on until I got home from work and was able to check it out. Turns out it would work perfectly :P
    And I realize that showing several scenes of Natsuki and Shizuru together sort of detract from Shizuru's "stalker" status, but I think I've done plenty to establish that throughout. It's mostly to showcase how much of a sociopath Shizuru really is. ("She's beyond yuri; she's a lesbian!")
    *NOTE*: This segment was entered on it's own (with custom intro and credits) to Onnafest 2005, where it was voted best comedy (out of a total 3 comedy entries :P). I have decided against listing this AMV as entered in Onna!, since that would be very inaccurate. Also, I have no plans on releasing the Onna! Version of "My Stalker HiME" on its own, or even making a separate video entry for it, as was created and intended for this AMV.
    *UPDATE*: I have found a compromise to having it available on it's own while not making a separte org entry. I've uploaded the Onna! version of My Stalker HiME to youtube here:

    I wasn't sure about the use of the "Advance" joke, but I figured it was the best way of distinguishing it from the original, even if it wont be understood so well in the future when the original is forgotten by those few who new about it in the first place. Also, It allows me to maintain the power of alliteration in the title :P

    And that's everything (it's long, but no one said you have to read it). Hope you enjoy the vid! ^_^


    Won Best in Show at Con no Baka 2005 - I was surprized as there were some really good entries that I was up against.

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