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  • Member: Airu
  • Title: Tsuzuki's Mopey
  • Premiered: 2005-10-14
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  • Comments: This actually is my first AMV, I know it is probably very easy to believe that. I was just dinking around and it turned into a full project.

    This is all from one episode, so storyline wise, it kinda sucks and I know there are better clips out there I could have used had I had all the episodes on my computer a the time. I think I like everything about it except for the way it kinda goes from Tsuzuki and Hisoka to Tsuzuki and Tatsumi suddenly at the end, but I ran out of footage of angsty Tsuzuki (hard to believe).

    I realize it kinda keeps going for ever at the very end, and I dont know how to cut that out. Anyone got some tips? I am using WMM, but I just cant figure out how to make the movie end after that point. ;_;

    Yeah, so don't expect anything too magical, I tried to make it fit as well as I could but like I said, footage was limited.

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