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  • Member: AnimeSnatcher
  • Title: There Was a Boy
  • Premiered: 2005-10-13
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    • David Bowie Nature Boy
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  • Comments: Came from an idea that gripped me and would not let go. It's a PARODY. What happens in the video doesn't happen in the actual series. Make sure the volume is up in the beginning so you can hear what is being said. You can then turn it down, because I know Mr. Bowie gets pretty loud.
    At first I thought this video was funny, but now I think it's more sad really. Feel free to leave a quick comment! I thrive on feedback. Enjoy.

    Just for people's information I think constructive feedback is really the best. It's good when people tell what they didn't like and give me opinions on how to change. Saying this is the worst AMV they've ever seen and then pretty much leaving it at that doesn't help me. Also to that person, I did put effort into making this video. I'm sorry if you can't see that.

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