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  • Member: Orange Kitten
  • Studio: Orange Kitten Productions
  • Title: Their Lives
  • Premiered: 2002-07-05
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    • Bon Jovi It's My Life
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  • Comments: This was the first amv I made. I was influenced to start my first after seeing the amv contest at AX 2001. I picked this song because I thought the lyrics and style of the song matched the three children in Evangelion. Besides that, Evangelion was the only series at the time that I owned all the dvds to; so it worked out coincidentally.

    This was pretty much my first video that I ever made myself. So I edited very slowly, while learning Premiere at the same time. I edited the first half near the end of the summer of 2001. I had a hundred problems with my computer and put the project on hold for about a month. When I got my computer working again, I decided to scrap everything I edited and start over with a fresh look.

    I tried to make each part of the song about a different character. The first chorus is all about Asuka, the second is about Shinji. The last chorus is after the instrumental part and at that part the action and momentum speeds up.

    Finalist at Anime Expo 2002

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