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  • Member: daymorn
  • Studio: Cracked Hoe Productions
  • Title: Obsession: Our Lady of the Wicked Eye
  • Premiered: 2002-07-07
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    • The Legendary Pink Dots Our Lady in Chambers
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  • Comments: Princess Nine pleasantly surprised me. Who would have ever thought baseball could be so dramatic in that cheesy sorta good way? This is a character profiling video and a completely off base one at that. The focus character spends a goodly portion of the show looking downright psychotic. I thought it would be fun to try and make a video where the character snaps, then goes and wacks the rest of the team from a show that none of that happens. It’s a little hard do with no actual violent footage, so there’s a lot of implied killing. This is the only video I’ve really done where absolutely nothing had anything to do with the lyrics. Incidentally, whatever impression you get of Princess Nine from this video is going to be horribly wrong. Monica Rial, the voice actress of the character in question gave the video two thumbs up, so I'm all happy about that.

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