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  • Member: EBwiz
  • Studio: Arcadia Studios
  • Title: AMV Hell 3 Segment - That Superhero (AKA: Immigration Dude)
  • Premiered: 2005-09-23
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    • Stephen Lynch Superhero
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  • Comments: I'm so disapointed that I wasn't able to go to Anime Weekend Atlanta. That's my first comment. My second comment is that I'm really surprised about the feedback I've been able to scrounge about this video from random sources. One person in the AMV Hell 3 reviews section went through every video, putting them into about 5 categories or show, but listed/described briefly his top 10 or so... and I was on there. Of 217 segments, this guy thought I was among the top. That made my day. Then I saw a comment from J.ALANA of Sakura Zaki studios who mentioned in the forums that it was a great video. That felt good... than ANOTHER random person said it was the third best video in the entire project. These comments made me feel like I owe it to you beautiful people to put up the video seperately... so here it is. Please comment, through quick comments or reviews, what you think. It'd be nice to know since I wasn't able to see the crowd's reactions.

    HUGE thank you to Zarxarx, SSG, and everyone who was involved in AMV Hell 3. I so wish I had came up with more good ideas in time to have been able to feel like a real contributor, but for what it's worth, I'm glad I got the opportunity. Who knows, those other segments might resurface someday...

    I'd also like to note these comments might have pushed me enough to actually give me the motivation to finish a real video. I haven't done anything in almost 2 years aside from the Surprise EVangelion Commercial Parody video (which was done before AMV Hell, otherwise it would have been a segment in AMVH)... I got a new video in the making, and it's coming out spectacular... but until then, enjoy this.

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