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  • Member: CrimsonDomingo
  • Title: The Luckiest
  • Premiered: 2005-09-20
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  • Song:
    • Ben Folds The Luckiest
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  • Comments: After making a RanxKen AMV, I had no choice but to make on for Sanzo and Goku. This song by Ben Folds just really stuck out as so perfect for them. I took quite a few liberties with cutting the song, but I wanted it to fit the whole way through. The video is meant to be from Sanzo's POV, all in reference to the dear monkey-boy and how despite how Sanzo might act Goku makes his life a little bit better. Very sweet and safe, and gives the nice illusion that Sanzo might actually have a heart. All clips taken from Reload, though I have some stills from Gensomaden and a couple official pics thrown in. Enjoy! And please comment.

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