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  • Member: BigshotSpike
  • Studio: Industrial House of Light and Morons
  • Title: Blind to Fate
  • Premiered: 2002-12-28
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  • Songs:
    • Dir En Grey Cage
    • X-Japan Drain
  • Anime:
  • Comments: There are way to few X-Japan videos out there. Sure, they're J-Rock and they usually sing in Japanese, but they've written some of the most incredible songs in musical history.
    The song I've chosen to use, Drain, is a rarity among most of X-Japan's music. For one, it's sung entirely in English. Secondly, it has a very industrial rock sound to it. The song was written by hide and Toshi (hide tends to have a very electronic sound to his music).

    I chose the anime X since it fits very well with the songs theme. The song is apparatently about a person who has been forced into something or to be someone he doens't want to. This person is trying to look for a way out, a way to have his voice heard.

    For now, here are the lyrics:

    Talk to my troubled brain, if you can feel my pain,
    so much hurting that's living in my head
    Now I can barely breathe, and now my heart's disease and my name and my life have been stepped on and on.
    No, no you made a fool of me, there is no way out.
    I'm going down the drain, the name of God in vain,
    you pushed me I'm insane, dissolution is knocking on my door.
    Can't stop my bitter tears, oh take away my fears, body and soul is blown up into pieces.
    Oh cry out, I want to be free... dry out, I want to know the truth.
    Let me drain my feelings out.
    Laugh like a drain.
    My emotions scream.
    Let me drain!
    So I can speak my mind.
    I'm so blind, I am left in a land with just solitude,
    has this become my fate, who's next...
    Be your bait, vicious cycle repeating on and on...
    Cry out, I want to be loved.
    Dry out, I want to see dreams.
    Oh cry out, I want to be free.
    Dry out, I want to know the truth...
    Let me drain my feelings out.
    Laugh like a drain.
    My emotions scream.
    Let me drain my feelings out.
    Laugh like a drain.
    My emotions scream.
    Let me drain!

    *Updated August 3rd 2002*

    The video is now completed and I have to say, this is the best action video I've ever done. However, I have only done one complete action video (my Kite video) and all of my other videos just have snippets of action. As a full-out action video, this is some of the best I can do. It has some flaws here and there, but overall it's a solid piece of work that may or may not stand as one of the best X videos available.

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