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  • Member: nightsky1106
  • Title: Silent Rain
  • Premiered: 2005-10-03
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    • Akira Yamaoka Your Rain (RAGE MIX)
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  • Comments: The main theme for this music video came to me on a whim. I was just surfing the web and listening to my DDR CD that I got when I bought the game when I heard the song, Your Rain. At first it was really weird to me, but I just kept playing it and I finally started to like it. I looked up the lyrics and they just reminded me of the relationship between Sasame and Takako. What you will watch will be the result. :)

    This music video took several days to complete. I captured all of the clips myself and it took sometime finding the right ones. In the end, I managed to get several clips I was happy with and that went along with the lyrics. The next couple of days was just putting it together in pieces. Little effects were not added unless they were transitions. The next day, all I did was add effects to the final portion of the song, (the flashes). This is probably my favorite part in the video :) . The final two days were for perfecting the piece and making sure everything was as good as I could get it. It took a LONG time, but it is way better than the first video I created.

    All of these clips are from Pretear but one at :55. This is from Kingdom Hearts: Deep Dive. The reason why I picked it is because:
    1) I used up all of my rain clips
    2) any rain clips I had were not ideal to the part, it was Sasame just standing far off in the distance to the left while you saw rain just falling. I put it in there, but it was TERRIBLE. I finally pulled out this scene and stuck it in.

    You touched my body once
    It burns me still softly
    Never forgets
    Never again will be
    I cry

    Out of my head
    And I don't know what I found
    Over and over I feel it break me down

    Waiting for a gentle rain
    A gentle rain
    A gentle you

    On the sidewalk of the city on the streets just a whisper
    Busy people going nowhere see me soak in the rain
    No compassion
    Nothing matters
    My resistance is waiting
    Like a flower in the basement waiting for a lonely death

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