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  • Member: KLin
  • Title: Soul 2 Soul
  • Premiered: 2002-06-28
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    • Tane Tomoko Message #9
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  • Comments: This video was done on a complete spur of the moment. I was playing Persona 2: Eternal Punishment at around 11:00 PM. (Night time is the best time to play the game :) And I just suddenly wanted to do an AMV of it. After scouring my music for awhile, I found that the Gasaraki theme song "Message #9" fit so perfectly it was eerie. :) Anyways, I set to work immediately, and didn't stop working on it until 6 AM in the morning. Needless to say, pretty tired that morning but afterward I was happy I was able to have completed the task I set out to do when the inspiration struck. Coincidentally, a friend of mine was working on translating a Super Famicom RPG in the same series. So, this project ended up being a gift upon the completion of the translation of that game as well.

    Let me explain a bit about the "Megami Tensei" game series which I'm sure most of you have never heard of. The name translates to something like "Goddess Ressurection" Although the games have next to nothing to do with that. :) It's Atlus' flagship RPG series, which like the Final Fantasy series often don't have much to do with each other except for some constant theme of Demon Summoning and control. (There are also demons that seem to pop up in all the games much like the chocobo and moogle in Square games.) Not many people stateside have heard of it. Americans have only gotten 4 games of the series officially translated. Those being: "Revelations: Demon Slayer"(A gameboy RPG), "Persona" (PSX RPG), "Persona 2: Eternal Punishment" (The PSX RPG this AMV was made from), and "Maken X" (Dreamcast First-person-slasher, although this one many don't consider part of MegaTen as it doesn't seem to have anything to do with Demon Summoning at all. It could also be argued the PS2 RPG Tsunagai is also a part of this series because in it you summon beasts and possess people so you could argue it the other way. But considering that there are nearly 20 MegaTen games that were released in Japan, Americans are still missing out on a lot. :)

    The particular PSX RPG that was used in the making of the AMV (Persona 2: Eternal Punishment) takes place in a modern day Japanese city. (No, it's not Tokyo. :) The main character role is (arguably) the role of a popular magazine's female reporter who was a high school student in the first half of the game (that by the by has not been translated... yet...) Once again, she gets caught up in the world of demons and mysticism as the game begins with a rash of horrible and mysterious murders and throughout the game she constantly runs into a 'deja vu' boy whom she feels like she knows from somewhere that is not necessarily the past... I have many scenes in this AMV giving you a look at their relationship and I tried to show flashes of the other very interesting player characters that you meet along the way, but I was forced to exclude two of them due to lack of appropriate scenes. And also overall this is a sort of teaser video where I try to give an overall feel of the game's story without showing too many spoilers. (I'm actually a bit upset at how similar the video ended up being to the game's actual intro video, but I guess that's a credit to how good of a video the intro is, I have never gotten tired of watching it in fact. :) The video actually doesn't have too many horror elements. Despite being about demon summoning, none of the videos used were gory or scary. (Well okay, maybe one or two short parts, but it's all very tame for anime :) So I'm actually quibbling a bit about putting this video into the horror category. But it definately has a dark modern Gothic feel to it which I love because you hardly ever see that in other RPGs.

    Anyways, this is my first attempt at a Video Game Music Video so I hope it turned out all right. And I hope most of all that this video will increase people's interest in a game that has missed out on greatly deserved noticed. As usual, comments are welcome and thanks for taking the time to read up to this point if nothing else. :)

    (Downloading notes: The file is a zipped WMV to conserve space as the host has a bandwidth limit of 10 GB/month. I do have a more than 2 times larger MPEG version as well, but you'll have to email and ask me to file send it to you through AIM or ICQ for now until I get my student web server space back. Sorry for the inconvenience, and PLEASE DO NOT USE Download Accelerators to download the file. Thank you, enjoy.)

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