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  • Member: Perfect-Blue
  • Studio: Perfect Moon Studio
  • Title: Quatro nAVI System CODE FACTOR
  • Premiered: 2005-09-04
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    • Linkin Park Session
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  • Comments: "Best of Anime VegasCon 2005 AMV/FanVideo Contest"
    "Best Action/Horror AEC AMV 2005Contest"
    "Best in Editing/Effects - AnimeNebrasKon 2005"

    The crew of Quatro Software Company is very proud to present here their new product - "Quatro nAVI System" , specialy made for FX video-editing.
    This software has unique interface - there is no similar to it in other video-editing appz,as you can se here :

    The interface is plastic,you can form your own style,and it changes with the functions of the selected FX.
    Quatro nAVI System has unique real-time FX-editing - you can create FX durring the video-playing.Here are few examples :
    Real-time Colouring,and extraxting selected region in another child-video ,wich one is playing separately from the main :

    Extracting child-videos from the main one,during the play,with specific shape :

    Rotation - it's not the siple rotation-efect,that you know from the other programs - it's much more easy,with real-time editing,and directly integrated in main video function:

    Large gama of integrated colour-themes :

    Integrated Beat-synchronisating pluging :

    with beat-frequency auto and manual changing:

    U3D function gives you ability to combine your video with 3D objects,to create their movement,to improvise -

    You can easy navigate in 3D menu -

    Also,Quatro nAVI System with CODE FACTOR has full set of standarts 125 FX(transform,clip,glow,brightnes,contrast,rotate,flip....),that you can find in other video-editing programs,217 integrated plug-ins for specific FXs,and is fully compatible with Adobe After Effect's plug-ins.Here is a little sample :
    and after

    And now,here is a little video sample,for real-time video-editing,and a small part of cappabilities of

    Quatro nAVI System CODE FACTOR "

    "That was certainly interesting. As a piece of software, it didn't seem to make much sense at all, but interesting nontheless." - Zarxrax

    Well,it really don't to make much sense at all, but where is the sense in .... presentation of Windows XP,or some other OS/software ?

    Answer: In available capabilities of the selected OS/soft,so the customer get а notion,what he can do whit this software.

    That's the idea of this video - to present part of the capabilities of a program.

    Otherwise,the hud sux - I can't imagine working software with some king of interface - but I was realy grew tired of standart interfaces ,and I wonna present something different.

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