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  • Member: VashTheStampeed
  • Title: Anaruski's Flaw
  • Premiered: 2005-09-27
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    • FLAW Only the Strong
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  • Comments: Ummm...yeah, here it is. This was my first ever work. It's basically a test. I was trying to see what I could do with windows movie maker. Originaly I wasn't going to put this on the site because of drawn out spots were it seems to go on for a while and the sheer stupidity (laughs) of the video. But a few of my friends told me to put it on so they could download it, "hello CD-R" I would say but they don't listen to me anyway, so why bother (sighs). it is, my first video, Anarusk's Flaw, for those of you who wouldn't stop pestering me about it. For the rest of you maybe you will enjoy it...maybe...

    Also, please don't leave opinions that tell me the subs need to go, because they are embeded in the video, meaning I can't remove them. Sorry. Besides they kind of make it funny.

    It's funny so try to laugh, okay...^_^

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