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  • Member: jupiter143
  • Studio: FanGirlAsia Productions
  • Title: Happy Ending
  • Premiered: 2005-10-01
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  • Song:
    • Arvil Lavigne My Happy Ending
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  • Comments: This video is short and sweet. I loved Kizuna when I first screened it at AWA-11 for the yaoi room, and wanted to make a tribute to it. Avril's song fit well, I just had to cut it down some. I didn't really mind, though, considering that I am not a fan of her music. The OAV is only 45min long, so I would have run out of usable footage half way through the song if I didn't edit it.

    This video was also another speed edit for me. I took maybe three hours total for it, but it didn't really need much else. I have again stayed as minimalistic as possible with the effects. Rubber Band tool rules! I didn't mess around with AfterEffects at all again, but I swear someday I will.

    I don't plan to submit this AMV anywhere in particular. It's total fanservice and nothing else. I may subit it to Yaoi-con or AWA next year if I don't have anything better, but lord knows I'll come up with something by then. I like this video over all because I don't see any editing details that I would change. I also can look at it and see just how far I've come since my first AMV.

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