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  • Member: Bauzi
  • Studio: [LGS] Lazy Generation Studios
  • Title: Mission to Hell
  • Premiered: 2005-09-16
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  • Song:
    • 30 Seconds to Mars Mission
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    Yes! We´ve done it again! We have finished a vid! Yeah and when this happen, you can be sure, that it will be a good vid! It took a lot of time and problems, but well we ´ve did it^^

    Little comment by Bauzi:
    Well, well we are good, but not pupular, but I had a big AMV crises! For months I could not work on,... We´ve started the project, not really knowing what will come out... (By the way. „Hunting the Undead“ started the same way!) First it does not take the form on I wanted and saw in my mind! Once I set down on my a** and said: „Man, would you please finish this projekt?“ I don´t want to be an „one hit wonder“ (often said in the music biz) with only one good video! It was fear, true fear! But I´ve beated my AMV crisis and we finally finished it! Of course in this projekt is our blood, sweet and pain^^... To help myself I was screeming out into the night, that this project is not dead! (That´s realy true!). And now it is a contest vid and many people watched it at the Connichi 2005 in German (biggest contest in germany).
    I´ve started the AMV on my old PCs with 300 Mhz. A month later I got an new PC (3,4 Ghz, 200 GB, 1GB DDRam, who wants more?). Also the Video was started in Ulead Video Studio 8, but with the new PC the new editor came. It was MAGIX Video deLuxe 2005 e-Version. A wonderful programm! But I finished the project with Ulead. There is only one scene with a MAGIX influence, because I neaded the effects...
    Well this is surely the last of our AMVs made in Ulead. Now the era of MAGIX deLuxe started^^ (thx to god for this programm! ^^')

    The song:
    We´ve heard this song first in an „old“ AMV. It is from the cool band „30 seconds to Mars“! It is just like Bauzi´s favorite band „Apartment 26“! Once you´ve heard it, you will love it and can´t get enough of it and you have to make an AMV with it^^
    The song has nice lyrics a good speed and just a killer melodie!

    „Mission“ from „30 seconds to Mars“

    I open up my head
    Inside to find another person's mind
    I'm gonna take this chance I've got
    I run denying as we speak
    Hiding my face among the weak
    Some say their day is all away
    Into the wild
    I'm with a mission
    Over the hill
    Come here with me
    Into the wild
    Into the wild
    High above the serpentine
    I cross below the well-worn lines
    Entangled in a missing memory
    I find an oversight
    I formed this sword that will give rise
    To something the world is here to seize
    Into the wild
    Into the wild
    Into the wild
    I'm with a mission
    Over the hill
    Come here with me

    Into the wild
    I'm with
    The meaning of the AMV:
    This AMV is with one of our favorite anime „Spriggan“. We´ve first seen it late at night in the TV and we just had to bought it! So the resources are of course own DVD ripps,...
    The Video is a typical charakter profil with a lot of speed and action and of course with good timing and cool effects. It tells the story about Yu, the hero of the movie „Spriggan“. He has a dark past and this AMV tells his story from the movie. How his friend died, because of a bomb and the end at an other dimension and there the fight with the misteriuos robotic kid. He never gave up and trys to keep his ideals: After his hard (Kindheit) in the apecial military group, he never wanted to kill anyone again and even forgives his greatest enemy at last. His friend Jean never let him down and follows him even to the dangeroust places. The name of the AMV „Mission to Hell“ tells exactly what this vid is about! Yu comes to his greatest Mission and it ends in an form of hell, where he has to suffer, has to confront him with his awful past and has to fight a real devil-kid-cyborg. It is never easy and is his greatest thing in life.

    The Video info:
    Ressolution: 320*240
    Quality: XviD 1.41

    So you have finally read this? But why are wasting your time? DOWNLOAD THIS AMV!!! Quick!!! We swear you will not be annoyed of us!!!

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