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  • Members (6): godix, Kitsuner, NME, Undertow, inthesto, kitsunebeolnet
  • Title: Dedicated to Katrina
  • Premiered: 2005-10-01
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  • Songs:
    • Benny Gunch and the Gunch Bunch Ain't no place to pee on Mardi Gras Day
    • Monster Magnet There's No Way Out Of Here
    • Original Voice Over
    • Sacha Baron Cohen I Like To Move It
    • SUM41 In To Deep
    • The Little Mermaid Under the Sea
    • The Louisiana Polliwogs The St. Charles Streetcar
    • Tragically Hip New Orleans Is Sinking
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  • Comments: Just to note, the joke is about as dated as Al Gore jokes. Feel free to still download it and laugh but the humor loses some of it's value when you know that, unfortunately, they're rebuilding the damned city.

    "Ah, human" - OtakuForLife
    This one comment pretty much nails the video right on the head.

    Shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit land I entered IRC on the tail end of a conversation about how I should do a video showing all the respect and sympathy that I already showed to Sammy and my wife. After a few days thought I decided they were right, millions of people were suffering because of Katrina and what they really REALLY needed was someone to kick them when their down. Thus a MEP was born. Inspiring story, ain't it?
    Since every MEP requires a three letter acronym I choose KAK. It stands for 'Katrina Ain't KAK'. Yippie for recursive acronyms. It's also a South African slang term Decoy taught me.
    I've listed all editors and voice actors as collabs here except one. Jessica Nelson did voice on one of the bits but to the best of my knowledge she doesn't have an org account to credit. So, in addition to all the collabs, Jessica Nelson is also partially responsible for this. Before you consider firebombing her house you should know she most likely didn't realize what I was doing with her voice.
    There was one person who was unable to join the project. Decoy was going to do a bit but life conspired to make it so he just couldn't get it done soon enough. But hey, the TLA for it comes from him so he did help the project. You should all hate him for this every bit as much as you'll hate me for it. His name is Ryno Eksteen and he lives in South Africa. Feel free to go beat his ass for this.

    Of all the videos in my profile this one consistantly provides me the most amusing quick comments. So read what others have to say about it:
    "I'm going to rape you in the ass for this."
    "How Delightfully Offensive! Like A Farrelly Brother's film... but you know... Funny!"
    "you're a bastard..."
    "sick bastards"
    "Never felt so bad about laughing at tragedy before. I just made a donation to the Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund, thanks to this."
    "I'm glad you made this video. I was starting to think that you had a heart. Fortunately, that tiny bloodless raisin of a thing in your chest is probably benign, but it's certainly not a heart."
    "This video is of great help every time I hear about LA's congressment trying to raid the treasury of $250+ billion of my money."
    "I laughed so hard I will probably die in a flood one day."
    "ROTFLMAO. I don't feel bad about it, either."
    "Brilliantly horrible."
    "Damn now I'm going to hell, fuck you godix and your stupid vid."
    "Dude, this is so wrong... I wanna be in part 2."

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