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  • Member: melezov
  • Studio: Anime 42
  • Title: To Be Excel
  • Premiered: 2002-07-02
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  • Song:
    • The Beat Fleet Malo San Maka (I'm Slightly Deranged)
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  • Comments: Character Profile and Fun? How does one combine those?

    It's a pretty damn good combination when you have Excel Saga for footage and soundtrack from a brilliant Croatian hip-hop band "The Beat Fleet".

    It took me round two weeks (from 10 PM till 7 AM deadly serious) for this production.

    Some will say it's too hyper. Some will say the subtitles are a disaster.

    Who cares, I enjoyed myself imensly whilst creating this piece and for the first time I didn't get bored with lip syncing.. Excel Saga has a very child-like animation which can be greatly exploited; making Excel do whatever you want with her mouth.. /_/ hehe

    Anyhows, my only request is that you watch the video twice if you don't understand the lyrics.

    Once for reading the subtitles and watching the video, and the other time for actually WATCHING the video.. I intentionally left out the lyrics for the chorus becouse they were too repetative and were ruining the show/bitrate.

    ****************IMPORTANT NEWS FLASH !! ***************
    MALO SAN MAKA (the chorus) means : I'M SLIGHTLY DERANGED
    (or crazy in the coconut, insane in the brain, a bit loco and so on)

    This AMV is optimised for resolution 1024x768!
    There is only one out of four versions of this video available:

    [68.5 Mb - 256 kbit stereo - 4200 bitrate - 512x384]
    32.8 Mb - 128 kbit stereo - 1042 bitrate - 384x288
    13.8 Mb - 64 kbit mono - 420 bitrate - 256x192

    67.3 Mb - 256 kbit stereo - 4200 bitrate - 512x384

    The last version is the NON - SUBTITLED VERSION!
    This link is available for members of (Croatia)

    Download at your own risk - I don't want to be held responsible for utter
    confuzion your actions could create.

    Please don't grade the video if you're watching the 420 bitrate version. It handicaps everything...
    It's only ment for people with dialups (like my 28800) and people with slow computers which cannot swallow high bitrate (like my p166 :).

    Programs used:

    SmartRipper and DVD2AVI for Ripping the DVDs,
    Adobe Photoshop for Alpha channel lip sync, debugging RAWs, subtitling,
    Adobe Premiere for all around editing, timing and effects,
    VirtualDub for cropping, deinterlacing, resizing, Smart Smoothing and final encode.

    That about wraps it up.. Have fun watching and remember - this could happen to YOU!

    HQ Subber version info:
    [ DivX ;-) MPEG4 Fast-Motion, 2239 kbps (CBR), 29.970 fps ][ MP3 44.1 kHz 320 CBR ]

    -- Aug - 03 - 2002 --------------------------------------------------------------
    Winner of the "Fun or Upbeat" category at MARTYR PRODUCTIONS AMV contest

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