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  • Member: SulliMike23
  • Title: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
  • Premiered: 2005-09-30
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    • Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek Voyager Theme
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  • Comments: I figured since Mobile Suit Gundam is indeed considered the "Star Trek" of anime, I gave it one of the Star Trek theme songs from one of the Star Trek shows. What better one to suit it than the Voyager theme song since Seed is the most recent saga of Mobile Suit Gundam? I'm a Star Trek fan myself but I'm not a hardcore fan of it like most Trekkies are. But I just thought this would suit just fine.

    Well, I finished this in no time at all. Although the cast titles are a bit fast minus Kira's but they're still there. This has to be the easiest music vid I made and probably the last one until i get the materials during college.

    Please submit comments and opinions for this one!

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