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  • Member: ngsilver
  • Studio: N. G. Silver & Friends Productions
  • Title: Love and Hate
  • Premiered: 2005-09-30
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    • 30 Seconds to Mars Echelon
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  • Comments: *Runner Up, Youmacon 2005 Staff AMV contest*

    I got the idea sometime over the summer of 2004. I had watched 'The Core' for the first time and I heard the ending theme. I really liked it and so I downloaded it and made a CD full of the song and listened to it all the way home back to college (that's a 3 hour drive mind you) and then to and from work for about a month. Well, it wasn't long during my trip home that I got the idea for this video. I was like, this would make a great video! So I decided on Sailor Moon for the footage. Then I came up with the idea for the song, and it all centered around Nehelenia stealing Mamoru from Usagi. From there developed the full story of Love and Hatred between the villain and our hero. And so over the next 2 months I developed the way I wanted to story to go and placed clips in my head.

    I just had one problem with making the video at first. I didn't have any quality footage to use. I easily found the band's CD and bought it off of eBay real cheap, that was no problem. But the only copies I had of the footage was fan subs, all 2nd generation ones at that. I wasn't about to run into the same problem I ran into with previous AMVs about footage. So I searched for a Japanese release DVD set of the show. Couldn't find it. Then I came upon a site selling a box set of the season. I bought it, and waited patiently for its arrival. When it did come in the first thing I noticed was that while it was a well packaged set, it was not a legit Japanese copy at least. There was English subtitles (not very good might I add) but that didn't bother me since I could turn them off. And that's all I cared about, raw DVD footage.

    Well, it was now almost 2 months after I first got the idea that I talked my roommate into ripping the DVD for me so I could use the highest quality footage possible for my video. It took him two weeks to get around to it but when he finally did I was ecstatic. I then hopped onto and checked out VicBond007's guide to using DVD footage. Using the knowledge gained from that guide I was able to keep my footage in the best quality I've ever had to deal with. Believe me, working with avi files (straight make from the avs files I used for the export) in premier is MUCH easier then working with either mpeg2 or mpeg1 files!!

    From there I finally started work on the video. It took me about 2 more weeks to get a handle on using the avs files properly. But after that intense editing took place for about 2 days before I had to put the video on the back burner because I was just too busy. But after letting the video sit for 2 months I was finally able to pick it back up again and work on it some more over the Xmas season. However, it was put on the back burner again because of 3 other AMV projects.

    So after the AWA Pro comp this year I sat back down and looked this video over. Getting back in the special mood I needed to work on this video I was able to finally finish it. So here it is, a video I started working on over a year ago, finally finished and ready to show to the world. So if what I've said previously seems a little odd or out of place considering my recent AMVs, it should, this was all written long before I started those videos. I want to keep this here to help show a timeline of my video work. Since I started this video almost a year before Dance!!! But in order to keep consistancy, I decided to go with my new bumper style for this video, since I used knowledge I've since learned with video editing to make this video better then it origionaly was.

    Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this video. I'm glad to have finally finished it ^^

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