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  • Member: Coffee 54
  • Studio: Crazy Vegeta Productions
  • Title: WoW: How Not to Raid
  • Premiered: 2005-09-30
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  • Songs:
    • Jeff Van Dyck Warrior March
    • Pals For Life How Not to Raid
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  • Comments: Description:
    Not to long ago, a group of brave warriors took on an unbelievable challenge. They met those insurmountable odds head on. They did not tire. They did not faulter. They did, however, fail.


    This video documents their story. The story of the Pals for Life. That group of World of Warcraft (WoW) players who dared to look danger in the face and shout from the bottom of their hearts: "WELL, we all know what they said..." I won't repeat that here. For those of you familiar with WoW, no explaination should be necessary. For those of you, like me, who are very familiar with the game, all you really need to know to enjoy the vid is that AFK = Away From Keyboard. Thank you, and enjoy.

    Production Notes:
    Putting this video to together was a chore to be sure. I was completely unfamiliar with both of my source footage choices. I had never seen Berserk. I had never play WoW, still haven't. Another obstacle was audio. It took the combined powers of Audacity, VDub Mod, BeSweet GUI and Adobe Premiere to mix and clean the footage (and it still sounds like crap). I've spent more time on audio then I did working on this video. I also procrastinated alot during production, as I do with most of my videos. My intention was to enter it at AWA. But, as I am just finishing the weekend after the convention, I think I'm on pretty firm ground when I say I missed the deadline. Anyway I did have alot of fun editting this thing, I hope you all will be able to have some watching.

    Special Thanks:
    To Jamaal, Leeroy and all the others Pals For Life. I know you've already received many accolades for your adventures and you probably won't notice one more, but it's here for you anyway. Oh, and thanks to the hard working men and women at Blizzard. You guys rawk!

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