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  • Member: silver_moon
  • Studio: Dark Moon Studios
  • Title: One Day
  • Premiered: 2002-07-01
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    • FFH Fly Away
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  • Comments: What makes this video different from my previous videos:

    This video was a major transition from my FF ones. One Day is the first music video I've made using footage from an anime and not Final Fantasy. A few people had said they wanted to see somehting other than FF videos from me, so now I finally made one, and I'm very happy with it. This is also the first video I made using my new computer and Adobe Premiere. The effects are much more sophisticated and proffessional-looking and I could finally use the effects I wanted to with Premiere. I used the Premiere avisynth plugins to directly edit the VOB's from the DVD and so this video has awesome picture quality, which my previous videos lacked.

    The anime/music combination:

    After watching the Ah! My Goddess movie, I knew I had to do an MV to it just because the animation was beatiful and I owned the DVD. My older sister suggested a few songs to me, and I particularly felt the FFH CD fit the movie best, so I borrowed the CD from her and decided on this song because it suited Belldandy and her personality.

    The concept:

    I really wanted to make a tribute to Belldandy because I thought she was such an admirable person. The movie focused a lot around her, and yet most music videos are about the Belldandy/Keichii relationship rather than Belldandy as an individual, so I decided to do a character profile of her. Mainly the video is about Belldandy's hope that someday everything will turn out all right for everyone, and that someday she'll get back her memories of Keichii and they'll be like they were before: just living happily. I tried to minimize scenes of Keichii since the video isn't really about him, but Belldandy's story can't really be told without mention of him so there are a few scenes of him and Belldandy. The video will probably make more sense to someone who's watched the movie. Warning: there are some spoilers for the movie in this video.

    The lyrics:

    OK you win, you caught me daydreaming again
    About our sudden evacuation
    Ok I give in, I can't help but wondering
    But it seems I can't get enough information

    Curiosity has got a hold of me
    Tell me how it's gonna be - when

    One day I'll see you coming back for me
    And all together we'll fly away
    One day I'll hear that trumpet loud and clear
    And all together we'll fly away
    O how I long for the day
    When we fly away

    Don't ask me why I keep starin' at the sky
    It's just I'm lost in anticipation
    I know it will be in the twinkling of an eye
    It's just I get lost in my imagination

    The project:

    I planned this project for one or two months before I got Premiere; ever since I decided on the song. I had an image of what the video would look like and what scenes I'd use at every verse and that image was engraved in my mind before I began work on the actual project. It took me a while to figure out how to work Premiere and avisynth, but after that I edited non-stop for a week (I love summer vacation:). I have to say, despite the many system errors my computer and Premiere had, it was by far the funnest project I had ever worked on. It was so much fun editing a happy-go-lucky video like this one, and it really lifted my spirits.

    Digital effects:

    With Premiere, I was finally able to use an effect I admired from the very moment I saw my first AMV, "Blue Mercury": the overlay effect. I love those even more than I love strobes ( yes I still used strobes in this video... how could I not?:) . I also used that transparent zoom-effect overlay thing that I've seen incorporated in one or two videos, I loved that effect too and I felt it suited the video well. I tried to resist the temptation of using too many effects since I thought it would take away from the video if I did.

    Lip sync:

    Please ignore my somewhat pathetic first attempts at lip sync. I know it's not exactly lip sync like that in "Believe" by Kevin Caldwell, but I tried. I did more lip syncing than I intended to at first, mainly because I hadn't realized just how often Belldandy talked in the movie, but it kind of adds more to the fact that it's from her point of view, I guess.

    End result of the video:

    I have to say it's a great improvement over my previous Final Fantasy videos. I'm very proud of this video, and I'm happy that it looks almost exactly, if not better than, what I'd planned in my head during the planning stage. One thing I really tried to do in this video that I think I succeeded in is building action in the video. I purposely cut back on editing at the start of the video, especially when the lyrics start, so that the last half of the video which is much heavier edited seems better. I always stood by the belief that the intro to your video and the last quarter of your video should be the best parts, so I tried not to be a hypocrite:) Basically, the start of the video is an introduction to Belldandy, and to how things were before for her she had her encounter with Celestin and lost her memories of Keichii. When the lyrics start, she's lost her memory and the video reflects upon how things are for her after she can't remember Keichii. When the main chorus starts, it shows how Belldandy is hoping one day she'll get those memories back. The middle of the video is a little darker in tone, where Belldandy starts getting sad but she's still hoping for the day when everything will be back to normal. Three-quarters of the way through the movie I put in a voice-over, and after that is my favorite part of the video, when finally Belldandy does remember and she fixes everything and everybody's happy again.

    I re-encoded this video so that it's in mpeg-format and it's now widescreen. The filesize is ten MB bigger than the DivX 5 version, but the widescreen version does look much better in my opinion.

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