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  • Member: Murf
  • Studio: Nocturnal Studios
  • Title: The Lord of the Animes: The Fellowship of the Anime
  • Premiered: 2002-09-14
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    • Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring Trailer
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  • Comments: ---Original "Lord of the Animes" Description---
    My first "Various Anime" project. I've seen several of these Anime Trialers now. And I've been impressed by most of them. But each one is only to a lone anime, never mutliple. I originally planned this to be just Lodoss War, but I decided to span it over several sieres. I think the results are great.

    NOTE: You should watch the actual trailer before viewing this in order to fully appreciate the work that went into it.

    The project began by downloading "Fellowship of the Ring Trailer B" and getting the audio from it. Since Premiere seemed unwilling to accept the file, I just played the video, and used Sound Recorder. Primitive, but effective. The next task was putting in the text from the original trailer. I took screen caps of said text, placed it into the project, and set motion effects to them in order to mimic their movement from the trailer. A lens flare was also added to the main title at the end of the trailer since the same thing is done on the original trailer.

    Next was "casting" the video. I knew all the minor roles I wanted (Van, Ashitaka, Ghim, and Deedlit) and a few happened by chance (Kain, Varie and Gohan). But at first I had trouble picking the two major roles Frodo and Gandalf. Gandalf happened by chance. Jokingly, I placed a movie file I had of Master Roshi from DB Movie 4 firing a KameHame Ha while being all beasted out (since Gandalf did the whole magic/"YOU CANNOT PASS!" deal. I put the clip down jokingly, but it worked great. So, Roshi instantly became Gandalf.

    But the choice for Frodo Baggins was brought about due to the words in the intro of the trailer. Frodo was described as "The most unlikely person imaginable," and I need to find someone to fit that. I thought about my entire anime collection, and who would fit that role... and then, it hit me... Krillin. And so, the bald monk from DBZ became Frodo Baggins.

    The video kinda lingers on the border of comedey/drama, and it's actually ment to be kinda serious. Choosing Krillin as Frodo was a good/bad idea I believe, mainly because Krillin, fits the description, but what few moments I have available of Krillin tend to be more humor than anything, so I had to improvise a bit.

    I knew how/where to place all the dialouge lines at. So I did that. I scrouged through my collection and tried to find moments to fill the action sequences. I thought it turned out great in the end.

    Oh yeah, I widescreened it to make it look more like an actual movie/trialer.

    Thus ends my ranting...

    - Murf

    Oh yeah, I would like to point out that "Nailz1000" did a DBZ LotR trailer before that I saw about halfway through the production of my own. His video is done to The Fellowship of the Ring Trailer A. It's worth watching, and just to let everyone know, I thought of Roshi as Gandalf before seeing his version, so it's not a stolen idea.

    Gandalf the Grey - Muten Roshi (Dragonball)
    Frodo Baggins - Krillin (Dragonball)
    Aragorn (Strider)/Boromir - Van Fanel (Vision of Escaflowne)
    Lady Galadriel - Varie Fanel (Vision of Escaflowne)
    Legolas - Ashitaka (Mononoke Hime)
    Gimli - Ghim (Record of Lodoss War)
    Arwen - Deedlit (Record of Lodoss War)
    Samwise Gamee - Gohan (Dragonball)
    Sauron - Kain (Tenchi Muyo in Love)
    Elrond - King Cashew (Record of Lodoss War)

    ---Re-master Notes---
    Looky, looky! I fulfilled my promise! I remade "Lord of the Animes" into "The Lord of the Animes: The Fellowship of the Anime" and it's all bright and shiny! This isn't so much of re-make as a error fixer. The audio and video are cleaner than the original and many of the scenes I had gripes with are replaced, and my lip-sync is improved (although not too much better).

    Here's what's changed:
    00:24 - SCENE CHANGE - Frodo's (Krillin) introduction. OLD: Still shot of Krillin. NEW: Krillin walks out of Kame House.
    00:28 - TEXT CHANGE - Shiny new "Nocturnal Studios" "tag"
    00:39 - TEXT CHANGE - This, and the rest of the text, is all personally made, no more text straight from the trailer.
    CAST CHANGE - Van, who played Aragorn and Boromir, is now just Aragorn. Parn now plays Boromir.
    00:46 - SCENE CHANGE - Parn is in Van's place in the lone Boromir line.
    00:48 -> 01:00 - SCENE ALTERATION - "Sauron's forces are moving" and "Kill the one who carries it" sections use the same sequences but newer, different shots are used in some places.
    01:07 - SCENE CHANGE - Legolas' (Ashitaka) "and my bow" is a different shot.
    01:22 - SCENE CHANGE - The "birds" shot now uses a clip from Kenshin, as opposed to DBZ.
    01:27 - SCENE CHANGE - The crappy "get off the road" shot is replaced with a newer one.
    01:29 - SCENE CHANGE - Van's horrible Lip Sync on "HIDE!" is fixed with two new shots to make a more believeable lip sync.
    01:37 -> 01:48 - SCENE ALTERATION - The "Moria" sequence is the same, but some different shots are used.
    01:56 - SCENE CHANGE - Aragorn (Van) attacks the Dragon in Ep. 1, as opposed to using Escaflowne from Episode 14.
    02:06 - SCENE CHANGE - Frodo (Krillin) saying "I wish the ring had never come to me" is different.
    02:09 -> 02:12 - SCENE ALTERATION - Aragorn fending off dragons, and Gimli (Ghim) being entangled by vines. The timing is different, and one new shot is added.
    02:17 - SCENE CHANGE - Arwen (Deedlit) protecting Frodo. A new shot for Frodo is used.
    02:21 - SCENE CHANGE - Frodo running. Yet again, a new shot is used.
    02:26 - SCENE CHANGE - A random explosion occurs in place of an old bad shot.
    02:37 - TEXT CHANGE - "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" is replaced with "The Lord of the Animes: The Fellowship of the Anime"

    There is one glitch in the video towards the end (the Deedlit/Arwen scene). This came after I encoded the video, and I discovered after I had deleted all of the source video... so that really blew chunks... but watch it anyway, and enjoy it!


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