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  • Member: ShinsenGumiGouki
  • Studio: -=-=-=> >>> ShinSwordStyle Productions <<<<<-=-=-=-=
  • Title: The Strongest Women
  • Premiered: 2002-07-01
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  • Song:
    • Annie Lennox Walkin On Broken Glass
  • Anime:
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    ShinSwordStyle Productions Presents

    Music : Annie Lenox - Walking On Broken Glass

    Footage : Magic Knight Rayearth

    Hours Spended : 3 Hours Choosing Music & Anime
    7 Hours Cuttin Footage
    3 Hours Editin
    3 Hours Rendering
    2 hours Add Effects
    2 Hours After Editin

    Hardware Used : Dell Inspiron 4000

    Software Used : Adobe Premiere 6.02
    Adobe Photoshop 6.0
    AudioGrabber 1.81
    XING Encoder 2.20
    Winamp 2.80

    This is the amv I use for the contest against MangaHQ(STEVE). I hope this one will win.
    Mmmmm cute schoolgirls with weapons and magic powers. Couldn't Be Better ^_^
    So I thought let's make an amv of Magic Knight Rayearth. A lot of action and
    handfull stupid scenes but 3 cute girls will make it good. For the music I went
    diving in my fathers cd's and what I found there "Annie Lenox - DIVA".
    I didn't know who the singer was but at one song I thought "*beep*"This IS THE ONE!"
    It was the song "walking on broken". I didn't why I choosed it but hell it's the one.
    A lot of cuttin footage and editing it would become a nice amv. So download it and say
    what you think about it.

    My Mother Marie-Helene - (As Always) For some good ideas
    My Father Wouter - For lettin me use his stuff :-D Again

    AMV Power Lies Inside Of You.....
    Anime didn't choose the power for you but the power choosed you....

    Greetz Robin >:D

    Who Will Be The Best.....

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