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  • Member: Castor Troy
  • Title: VG3 Project - Track 44 - Azumario Daioh: The Animation
  • Premiered: 2005-09-23
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    • Injury 8-bit eighties
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  • Comments: Video #58

    My first contribution to the Video Game Project 3, the sequel to both the NES Prpject 2003 and Retro Video Game Project 2004. If there was one thing lacking from RVG, it was Mario videos. The 8-bit eighties track has been available since the NES Project days but I never actually downloaded it until after the completion of the RVG Project. Since it's a vocal song, it's sadly one of the more underappreciated/despised remixes on OC remix but I ended up liking the track enough to do a video for VG3 to it :P

    Since the Super Mario Bros. Super Show dvds were released in 2004, my original idea was just going to be a Super Mario cartoon video with the princess lipsyncing to injury's voice. Then I realized I wanted anime in the video so I went with Azumanga Daioh after seeing it in so many amvs.

    There's not really any plot to the video, just a fun romp through the 8-64 bit Mario games with the Azumanga girls being Mario's lip syncing cheering squad with an evil enemy defeated at the end.


    - This video was my first real serious attempt at lip sync. Let me tell you, it was a big pain in the ass. At times the lip syncing would be correct while editing but after exporting the video a few times, I would end up missing one word or closed the mouths too early..... so painful to do :P

    - The vortex stuff was captured off windows media player.

    - The Super Mario dvds were not easy to get...(at least not in california) even though they were released in 2004, none of my stores carried them. I had to order them off amazon.

    - The live action stuff was very fun to work with. I just love how Lou Albano (Mario) and Danny Wells (Luigi) dance at the beginning... :)

    - I originally wanted Chiyo-chan to do all of the lip sync but I liked alot of the scenes from the rest of the girls as well.

    - Super Mario 64 = Really hard game to beat. It was alot easier with an emulator but I still had trouble throwing Bowser on the bombs :P

    - Some parts of this video were inspired from Machine's River City Rammstein (Cut out characters dancing in the vortex) and suberenker's FOOTBALL! (Osaka eye jokes). I just did my own twist on them.

    - Footage from ALL of the games featured in the start are there. Even if you can't see them well (Smash bros and mario rpg), they're there.

    - Alot of the song had to be cut in order to fit room for the ending sequence.

    The special live action guests in order of appearance after the princess kisses mario on the cheek (from mario all stars)...

    Nicole Eggert (Stepped in a cake and sprayed with water earlier in the video :P)
    Danica McKellar
    Sgt. Slaughter
    Lyle Alzado (Lou and Danny are dressed as women next to him)
    Ernie Hudson

    This video was alot of fun to work on, especially watching the old Mario episodes. I'm once again hooked on da brothas'! :)

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