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  • Member: Castor Troy
  • Title: VG3 Project - Track 25 - 2 Rookie Cops vs. The Undead
  • Premiered: 2005-09-23
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    • ABG Ada's Groove
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  • Comments: Video #60

    My 2nd contribution to the Video Game Project 3. The sequel to the Retro Video Game Project 2004 and the NES Project 2003.

    I originally wanted to do a comedy RE1 video with all the cheesy voice acting but sadly there were no remixes on it. So I found the Ada's Groove RE2 remix which I liked enough to make a video to it. After going through the amazing experience that was RE4, I definitely wanted RE to be my 2nd VG3 video choice.

    The video is focused on rookie cops Leon S. Kennedy (The main character from RE2) and Seras Victoria (Hellsing) dealing with Zombies and killing a super bio monster at the end. I chose the ghouls from Hellsing to represent the Zombies and Incognito to represent William Birkin.


    - I originally wanted to make this a Seras/Ada video (hence the title of the song "Ada's" Groove) but I thought Leon and Seras both being rookie cops was the better comparison. Ada does make appearances in the video and kind of compares to Alucard's role but not really that much...

    - I turned Seras's eyes red in the flashing status screen using layers and fixing the RGB settings in photoshop. I got rid of the status screen flashing to the beats before it got repetitive (or maybe it already did :P)

    - Incognito looks far more like a Tyrant/Mr. X than William Birkin but he was the only one who I thought would fit the role.

    - Yes, the RE CG footage looks like total ass, even when played on the actual system. I didn't want a widescreen/fullscreen conflict so I pan and scanned the sides off of it. I could barely make the footage look any better no matter how much I filtered it...

    - The game footage isn't as dominant as my other VG related videos but it still plays in an important part in showing the Rocket Launcher stuff and Leon recovering.

    - I beat the game once to get the special rocket launcher and played it again to show Leon blasting away with it. Since Seras always carries a large weapon, I thought Leon using the rocket launcher would be more appropiate.

    - The CG footage was ripped with PSXMC and the gameplay footage captured with camtasia and ePSXe.

    - The beginning and end screens are gags from the game... and the ranking is not what I think of the video :P

    The video's a bit on the short side but I'm glad I gave Resident Evil 2 some exposure. :)

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