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  • Member: Castor Troy
  • Title: VG3 Project - Track 13 - Against the Rest
  • Premiered: 2005-09-23
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    • BrainCells Against the Rest
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  • Comments: Video #63

    My 3rd contribution to the Video Game Project 3 and what an atrocity it is.... :P

    Near the end of the deadline, a few editors were either dropping or not communicating with us so Flux and I took it upon ourselves to make emergency tracks to fill in the gaps. I personally WANTED someone to take this Super C track and put it to Dead Leaves (Looks at Rozard and the Milo Bros :P) but nobody took it so the best option was...

    To do it myself.


    - Probably my worst VG project related video.

    - I personally don't like Dead Leaves that much but the footage is beyond gold to insane action editors.

    - I tried to do some comparisons between the anime/game such as Pandy and Retro shooting the giant robot/me playing Super C blowing up the walker and the worm thing/last boss of Super C.

    - Strobing is not my thing.

    - The footage of Dead Leaves is so insane that most of it timed itself.

    - I wanted to put in the main villian of Dead Leaves in the video but she has some..... nudity issues...

    - Super C = Very fun and easy game. I was really good at beating it when I was a kid and it only took me 20 min to cap all the game footage.

    Even though I think this video is garbage, I'm glad I took it upon myself to do the track :P

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