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  • Member: mexicanjunior
  • Title: VG3 Project 2005 - Track 30 - Hoop Dreams
  • Premiered: 2005-09-23
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    • 2 Unlimited Get Ready For This!
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  • Comments: This was my second video entry for this year's Video Game Project 3, which premiered at Anime Weekend Atlanta 11.

    Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge sports gaming fan, from Madden to Fight Night to NBA Live, I run through them all. One of my favorite games growing up was NBA Jam, so I knew I wanted to somehow make a tribute to it in at least one of the 3 projects we've done. The problem was, there was never a remix made for the game by ocr or vgmusic so, after a few years of waiting, I decided to say screw it and make my own mix. I knew I wanted something upbeat and fun, a song that would really accentaute the frenetic pace of the game. That pretty much sums up 2 Unlimited's entire catalog of music, they really seem custom made for sports in general. I bought the CD, ripped the instrumental version of the song, threw in as many cool sounding soundbytes of the game I could find and I was on my way. Slam Dunk and NBA Jam were an easy match since they both revolve around basketball. My favorites part of making this were manipulating the menu screens to get Shohoku in there and coming up with my own power levels for each player. If anyone noticed, I got rid of Utah on the menu because I absolutely hated them during the Stockton/Malone years, they killed my beloved Spurs for many years before Tim Duncan came around. The other section I enjoyed editing the most was the halftime show, mainly because the Dr. Z guy is goofy looking and it gave me a chance to throw some live action footage into the fray. Of all the project videos I've done, I can say without any hesitation that it is my best and the most fun I personally had making a video. Hope everyone enjoys! :)

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