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  • Member: mexicanjunior
  • Title: VG3 Project 2005 - Track 05 - Chicken Choke
  • Premiered: 2005-09-23
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  • Song:
    • McVaffe China Street Beat
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  • Comments: This was my first entry for this year's Video Game 3 Project which premiered at Anime Weekend Atlanta 11.

    I began work on this at the end of July and it took roughly about 2-3 weeks to finish. It's not an overly fancy video in terms of effects or even hardcore editing. I mainly wanted to make something fun and make a good correlation between the game and the anime. I suppose it's not hard when the anime is directly related to the game. :p Probably the most difficult part of the video was the sprite fights in the middle due to the song cuts from soundbyte to soundbyte very quickly. I wanted to make sure I hit every game noise while still being able to let the viewer see the actions on the screen. I knew just throwing one fight scene with all the noises would be a little boring, so I decided to play a few hours of the game and synch up every sound to different characters and match them up appropriately. Eventhough the video is pretty simple in concept, it was alot of fun to make and I really wanted an excuse to make fun of the chinese man "choking the chicken" on the street. Hope you enjoy! :)

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