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  • Member: mexicanjunior
  • Title: HAMV Hell
  • Premiered: 2005-01-22
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • 2 Live Crew S & M
    • Barney Old McDonald
    • Clarence Carter Strokin
    • Divinyls I touch myself
    • DogHorse Bukkake
    • George Michael Father Figure
    • Nirvana Rape Me
    • Peter Gabriel Shock the Monkey
    • Rufus Wainright Hallelujah
    • Scatman John Scatman
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  • Comments: This was basically my AMV Hell 0 segments repackaged into a seperate video and sent to a few places with adult contests or showings. I had finished my portions of AMV Hell 0 sometime in January and had wanted to use my segments for something to send to Ushicon's adult contest at the end of the month, so I asked Alan if it was ok to redo my segments into a video and call it HAMV Hell. Alan gave me the ok and this came out. It did well at both Ushicon and A-kon, I guess they got a preview of things to come. :p Big thanks goes to Alan Clontz (Zarxrax) and Brian Moore (SSGWNBTD) for letting me be part of the project and giving me the go ahead to make this seperate work. Here is a rundown of my segments:

    S & M - Just needed something to start the video off and I thought the whipping noises were silly enough to work. The Cool Devices DVD's are hardsubbed, meaning ripping the DVD does no good in removing them, so I created the little electronic monitor around the screen to hide them.

    Hallelujah - I guess I felt like being really sacreligious here. The song was made for lip synching though, I couldn't resist.

    Shock the Monkey - This was one of the more brutal segments I thought. I loved Princess 69's animation style, so I wanted to be sure to show it off at it's best, flopping electrocuted titties and all. :p I thought it made for a funny combo.

    Old Mcdonald - This section practically edited itself. The Barney version of Old Mcdonald is funny and Wordsworth had the most animal sex action I know of, so I thought it made for a fun combination.

    Father Figure - For this section, I wanted to do something subtle and slow. I had actually considered making a full video to this concept but didn't have nearly enough footage in Kite to pull it off. I like the slow and mellow pace of this section and the song is one of my favorites.

    Scatman - Come on! You knew this one was coming sooner or later, I own Nightshift Nurses for god's sake! :p Actually, this idea was suggested to me by Alan Clontz when I was brainstorming ideas for AMV Hell 0, I thought it came out well.

    I Touch Myself - This is probably the weakest segment of the bunch, mainly because it is too obvious for it's own good. I thought I did a decent job of editing and lip synch though.

    Strokin - I made this segment more for my friend Colby than for myself. He thought no porn video would be complete without including a classic song like Strokin. The priest from Love Doll was the darkest guy I could find to match the voice of the singer. It came out alright.

    Rape Me - I love this section the most of all of them, mainly because it could stand up to being a full video. I thought the lip synch and editing came out very solid and it has enough shock factor to make the audience uncomfortable. :p

    Bukkake - This was just another obvious combo that I wanted to throw into the mix. Originally, I wanted to use the little monkey puppet from the flash animation to this song but found it would be alot more masking than I expected, so I just made something simple and solid. I added the text because it seemed the crowd at Ushicon wasn't able to understand what was being said in the song.

    There is the information, hope you enjoy and be sure to check out the whole AMV Hell 0 and 3 projects at:


    *01/22/05 Winner of Judge's Choice in the Hentai Category at Ushicon 2005
    *01/22/05 Winner of Fan's Choice in the Hentai Category at Ushicon 2005
    *06/04/05 Winner of the Best Hentai Video (only 1 submitted again)at A-Kon 2005
    *09/26/05 Winner of the "Too Sick For Sick" VAT Staff Award

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