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  • Member: VegettoEX
  • Title: "DragonBall GT" Commercial Parody
  • Premiered: 2005-09-23
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    • Field of View DAN DAN Kokoro Hikarete 'ku
    • FUNimation Productions "DragonBall GT" Dub Opening ("Step Into the Grand Tour")
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  • Comments: This is somewhat of a music video, somewhat of a commercial, and primarily a parody.

    FUNimation is a funny company. They're absolutely amazing and do a great job with shows... unless it's somehow related to the DragonBall franchise. With the end of DBZ, FUNimation began including a certain commercial on DVDs to hype up their forthcoming release of DragonBall GT. The commercial featured their new rap-style opening theme for the show, an extremely "ghetto" mood consisting of lots of ki-blasts and fighting, and much more. To really kick that poor, dead horse, the commercial begins with text that asks, "Think You Know GT?" and proceeds to play very terrible, fansub-quality, almost entirely desaturated footage of the original Japanese opening theme to the show. The footage cuts out, even more shiny, ghetto text appears on-screen that states, "You Don't Know GT!"... and the rest of that utterly ridiculous commercial begins to play (as described above).

    So... FUNimation thinks DB is all about having trendy music, fighting, and lame special effects?

    Hrm... I always thought DB was all about wacky comedy, friendship, and overcoming impossible obstacles.

    This parody is extremely simple, but does its job. It will probably only be found funny by those old enough to *really* be old-school fans of the original Japanese version, and then on top of that, the ones who actually had a problem with FUNimation's commercial... but still, whatever.

    The parody begins the same way as FUNimation's, but in reverse. I ask the very same question right back at FUNimation, followed by the opening to their English dubbed "reversioning" (their own word, I swear) of the show (complete with the Cartoon Network logo, just to be an extra dick about it :P). The record scratch cuts it off right before you have to tear your ears off in frustration, and I indeed confirm that they do *not* know DBGT. In comes the original Japanese theme song, and a mini music video to it showcasing what I feel the show is about (wacky comedy and friendship taking the cake).

    Like I said, there's not much to this parody unless you fit a very specific demographic. It will probably insult a good portion of the fanbase that's too young to appreciate where I'm coming from (IE - the young dub fans), but that's OK... if FUNimation can do it, so can I! *smack*

    This video premiered at my panel at AWA XI (2005), and was also included as an extra on the DVD passed out at said panel.

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