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  • Member: Brad
  • Title: Love Burns Brighter
  • Premiered: 2005-09-24
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    • Aqualung Brighter Than Sunshine
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  • Comments: The Backstory
    Hello again. If you are keeping track (which you're not. I know you're not), you'll realize that this is my 2nd video release in a little over a month. If you know my track record, that's quite a streak. However, consider this. The other video I released this year (Be There) was actually made back in April '05 for Anime Central '05, but it was not put on the Org until after Otakon '05. This current video didn't premiere until the AWA Pro DVDs were sent out near the end of August, and then shown at AWA '05. So given that, I'm still at least not finishing videos within a month of eachother. Now that'd just be ri-friggin-diculous.

    So that we've got my credibility in check, I will tell you the nitty gritty dirty details about the video. I actually started editing this video back in December '04. I was listening to the song, and the idea for a Laputa romance video just hit me out of nowhere. The themes seemed to fit in my head so perfectly. Plus, I had never seen a Laputa romance video (not to say that they don't exist. I just haven't seen one), so I really wanted to try one out. Laputa is definitely my favorite Miyazaki/Ghibli film, and I don't think it gets the recognition it deserves. Plus, the relationship between the two main characters is just so heartwarming and touching, that I felt it needed to be showcased.

    The Execution
    If you've seen Laputa (which I sincerely hope you have), you know that for the most part, the relationship between the main characters is not your typical lovey-dovey romance (hugs, embraces, kisses, etc.). So making a romance video using this source was something of a challenge (I'd say even a bit moreso than DW's issues with Escaflowne and romance. I know Vaughn and Hitomi never kiss, but dammit at least they hug and look longingly at eachother!!). This issue did make it hard to make the romance effective, but overall, the footage ended up flowing pretty nicely with the song, or at least up to a point...

    As I said before, I started this video last year. Basically, I worked on it for a few hours a day, 1 day a week, for about a month or so. The first 2 minutes of the video were EXACTLY as I had pictured them, and I was thrilled. But then, once I got to a certain point, I just started to lose steam. I didn't really know exactly what was wrong, but I just wasn't feeling it like I was at first. So, I decided to kind of put it away for a while and come back to it...

    Skip ahead about 6-7 months.

    Anime Central came and went. I hadn't touched the video since I closed up the file in January. It was time however, to put together my entry for AWA Pro. I had planned on doing a different video all-together that didn't exactly work out (or rather, it could've worked out, had I started it A LOT sooner than I did). I knew that I wanted to enter Pro this year, so I decided to go back to my Laputa video.

    I watched the movie and listened to the song a lot more, and I was able to figure out what I wanted to do with the remainder of the video. Although, heh, upon watching it, I think you'll probably wonder "...Gees. What was so hard about this? It's a pretty simple video.." And you're right. The editing is fairly simplistic and VERY linear (meaning, I told the story from beginning to end. That's one of the things I find hard to break out of). I did use some effects, but it's pretty basic stuff to help the flow of the video.

    Romance VS. Sentimental
    So, when the AWA Pro nominations were over, my video ended up being a finalist in two categories. Romance and Sentimental. Now, most people that I talked to about said they think it falls into both categories, which I can certainly agree with. However, there were quite a few people who said they really didn't feel that it was much of a romance video as it was sentimental, which is fine. I mean, as I said, my aim was to make a good Laputa romance video, but I definitely understand and see why it's being viewed as sentimental.

    Special Thanks
    - Chris Roesch (Devolution) - Introduced me to Aqualung. Thank you sir!
    - Jay Naling (Koopiskeva) - Beta tested
    - Laura Emery (Ilikea) - Beta tested
    - Lee Webster (SnhKnives) - Beta tested
    - Brian Nickerson (Rozard) - Beta tested
    - David Yip (Trythil) - Beta tested

    If you beta'd and I didn't thank you, I apologize :-\ I lose track..

    Awards & Nominations
    - Anime Weekend Atlanta 11 Pro Contest
    -- Winner: Best Senimental
    -- Nominee: Best Romance

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