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  • Member: Kai Stromler
  • Title: Sundown in Caesarea - eatdrinkbleedvomit
  • Premiered: 2005-09-23
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    • Morbid Angel Where The Slime Live
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  • Comments: SnhKnives:
    "when judging the expo entries, this video honestly almost made me sick.
    you are a disturbed individual "

    SH102 basically selfsuggested itself soon afer I got the first DVD of Requiem; I had wanted to do a video to this song, subconsciously, for a while, mostly because the original official video is so extremely awesome, perhaps the height of brutal death metal videography. Even knowing that I couldn't match up, I still wanted to try my hand at it, and see by exactly how much I fell short.

    The intro and outro bits did not develop until I actually got into working on it, and developed the idea for a blended narrative. In the actual video, it turned into more of a Rahmengeschichte, because I used about a quarter of the dialogue that I initially recorded. Some of it, I just didn't get a good enough take of, and some of it I couldn't integrate into the song where it had to go -- which then resulted in having to cut other parts.

    Effects are surprisingly not as extreme as SH101 per minute of video, but are still very heavy, especially in the second half of Trey's solo, and to the degree to which greenscreening was used to actually recompose shots. There's one lipsynch cut (though the lips of the being being synched have already rotted off), but even that is not done seriously.

    This video is not on local and never will be as it includes substantial adult themes, some barbie-doll nudity, a lot of graphic dismemberment, and some fun sequences of eyes doing lovely family-oriented things like being stabbed by an icepick and blorping out of the head of a corpse. Unfortunately, the cannibalism, incest, and necrophilia in Requiem are mostly implicit (because this was shown on TV, and even the Japanese have some standards), and there was a limit to what I was able to put in the vid.

    This video went to AWA Expo 11, after being originally planned for Pro and then pushed off because I finished it with like 4 days to go on the deadline, and I couldn't get DVD blanks from Saxony to Alabama in that amount of time. It won nothing.

    The intro and outro are half original audio, and half sampled from Burzum's "Gebrechlichkeit II", off the Filosofem album, which you already own if you are into black metal at all.

    Shin Hats Self-Grade: B/B+. The video is what it is; I'd like it to be better, but to some extent there's limits on what I can do with the source.
    stats: #clips: 290. average length: 1.18 seconds. total time: 23 hours.

    Unbelievably, this is the first Morbid Angel video in the database. What the hell is wrong with you people?

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