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  • Member: Deathsythe2002
  • Title: Forte Rox
  • Premiered: 2005-09-25
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    • Story of the Year Divide and Conquer
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  • Comments: After a request from one of my Sempai to download Mezzo Forte, I found myself watching and loving the show. That night, while I was on hold with one of my friends I began to sing a Story of the Year song in my head. Instantly an idea for an AMV popped up and I got to work on it. Two and a half days later I emerged with this video.

    Basically this is an action video taking advantage of the awesome drum beats from the song to sync up with scenes and flashes, especially the flashes. After practicing with them a small amount on my last AMV (Tekknique), I decided to try it out seriously on this video. I'm not sure how people do it in professional video editing programs like Premiere, but in Windows Movie Maker 2 it's sort of limited so I had to figure a way to make the flashes happen, since there is no actual flash effect.

    Anyway I really liked the way this video turned out. Lots of action, very fast paced at times and plenty of sync with the music.

    *Warning* Since the video has many flashes and strobes I'm not sure how that would affect people who are sensitive to that sort of thing. So, if you are sensitive to flashing lights make sure you don't watch this video. And I recommend you sit back from the screen with the lights on just in case.

    There, I warned you, don't sue me if something happens.

    This turned out to be one of my favorite AMVs I've made recently and I think you action fans will love it as well. But do me a favor, even if you have to open a seperate window now, LEAVE ME A REVIEW!! Man, no one ever reviews my stuff so I have no idea how good or bad my videos are. Please leave one, even if it's short or just a few stars. Thank you.

    Ja ne

    "You think so too, right?"

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