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  • Members: Arcane Azmadi, Nyaa-Chan
  • Studio: Dizzy Samurai Studios
  • Title: Ama Lamia
  • Premiered: 2005-09-24
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    • Fuel Shimmer
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  • Comments: Arcane Azmadi: This is an AMV I had been wanting to do for a long time. The title 'Ama Lamia' comes not from Lunar Legend Tsukihime but from the similarly named (yet totally different) Tsukuyomi Moon Phase; it's Latin and supposedly means "Vampire's Lover".

    The original idea for 'Shimmer' was KareKano, obviously focussed on the Arima/Miyazawa relationship, but after seeing Tsukihime I substituted Shiki and Arcueid and found it worked even better. The original catchline (the lyric which inspired the idea) was "We'll forget the past/but maybe I'm not able/and I break at the bend" and you can see how it works with both anime, but Tsukihime had action scenes which help with the second half of the song and I felt it fit the mood slightly better, so it got the nod.

    This is the first Dizzy Samurai Studios AMV to make extensive use of real digital effects- not only the obvious (the overbars) but also the subtle (use of colour saturation and gamma level correction to brighten up some shots excessively dark shots). Expect to see a lot more effects in future Dizzy Samurai work.

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