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  • Member: priuscomet
  • Studio: Omni Strata Studios
  • Title: Nothing Perfect
  • Premiered: 2002-06-29
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    • American HiFi Another Perfect Day
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  • Comments: erm....

    so this is my first vid that i've made. ^_^ pretty proud of it even though i know it really rreeaallllyy sucks... heh.

    at first i was gonna go another direction with this vid...i was pretty much going to follow the story line of the anime...but... =P i decided to change that in the middle of the vid. heehee ^_^. those who have not seen onegai teacher (i'm guessing there's a lot of you...) are safe from spoilers in this vid. i really turned 180 from the anime's story plot. anyway...its really a character profile between the two main characters of the anime...Kei Kusanagi and Mizuho-sensei anyway... (warning...spoilers in this next sentence) they fall in love (yes a teacher and a student) and things always happen to try to get them apart...but at the end of the anime they finally get back together. but in my vid...i purposely kept them from comming together at the end becuase...never mind...don't ask. ^_^; i dont know why...

    now, to address some things that a few viewers have stated:

    yesh, i realize that the introduction is silnet. i do watch my own work. this is supposed to serve as a sort of prologue. i can't just give you a vid about questionable love and give you nothing to feed that question. gotta give a heartbreak to be heartbroken over, ya know.

    yesh, i realize that there are a few subtitles in there. i'm not blind. i left them there on's supposed to accent the clip at that moment. when mizuho is focused and then zoomed back with the subtitle "goodbye"...followed by kei's eye shooting open and him grabbign his stomach...that clip was to have the audio from the source footage but i couldn't figure it out. was supposed to enhance the clip that she is leaving and the thought is enough to create such great pain inside him. the other clip was teh same as well.

    wat else...ok i can't think of any other points to address...

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