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  • Member: Bolo Boffin
  • Title: The Sword's Might
  • Premiered: 2005-09-25
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    • Nickle Back Hero
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  • Comments: This is my very first amv. I would like some honist feed back and no just Jerk comments. I worked on this a all of 3 days I'm not sure how long each day. I did try really hard even though I was just kinda messing around on this. Testing out what I can and cann't do. I hope you enjoy the first perdoction of InsaneHeart Studios, I'm really hoping to hear how much you liked or disliked it. Thanks alot and enjoy

    ps. I know there are subtitles. Like when I used the openning and ending themes. It was a matter of do I wont to be so passionate about NO SUBTITLES. Or do I show what is my true vison. So agenst the advice of a fellow AMV maker. I left them in. I have to admit nomatter what anyone says at the end of the day I'm glad I left them in.

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